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Twilight Gets a Puppy, Season 3 - TDR

A hidden empire, even worse dating advice, bad apples, witch wolves, and the return of chaos all in Season 3 of Twilight Gets a Puppy

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Selene in Ponyville, Part 2

Twilight Gets a Puppy
Season 3

Selene in Ponyville
Part 2

[ Golden Oaks Library. ]

Chrysalis sat calmly at one end of the table as eight individuals glowered at her. She could feel the anger and fear coming off of them. While she wasn't a fan of that sort of meal, she was more than willing to feed on it. She had been silent since she sat down, as had the Element Bearers and the Sparkles, though a few of them had been passing notes.

After a moment more sitting there she allowed a smile to cross her face. ”Well given that no fiery ball of cake fat has come out of the wood work to try and smite me, I suppose you've held up your end of things and not told her?”

“I want answers to a number of questions and that's not going to happen if I have to keep Princess Celestia from squishing you.” Twilight frowned.

“Ahh bug humor, I see. So were you going to play the proper host and offer me something to drink or do we just sit and stare at each other while you figure out who gets to play the good guard and who plays the bad guard?” Chrysalis chuckled.

“Spike, would you and Fluttershy make us some tea.” Twilight stated flatly.

“Just some hot water full of sugar, or some cider for me thanks. I'd rather not start getting sloshed this early in the day.”” Chrysalis continued to smile.

“What?” Spike asked.

“A number of insects and spiders display what could be considered an 'intoxicated effect' when exposed to caffeine.” Fluttershy offered.

“Bold of you to expose a weakness of changelings.” Twilight frowned. “I don't think for a second that was accidental slip.”

“Who said it was a weakness? Perhaps I can't hold my caffeine like others can, much like some ponies can't hold their booze.” Chrysalis offered noting that Applejack was staring daggers at her her right ear twitching from the annoyance. Odd she expected more anger from the pink one.

The farm mare might be a bit of a issue, but Chrysalis wasn't sure yet how everything would play out. She had zero plans to attack them, already of the mind set that if they attacked her she wouldn't even defend herself. The three Sparkles were injured, and if she did defend herself there was a chance they might get hurt more. If anything happened to Rahs any agreement she might make with Luna would be moot. If anything happened to Twilight, she could kiss getting back together with Cady goodbye, and if anything happened to Spike, Chrysalis really did not want to get Bleu on her case. It would be easier to let them kill her then pop back up some other time.

She expected that the others could keep Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash from coming at her, though seeing Applejack this intense worried her a little.

“So how did the trip go, I'm assuming Sombra was something to do with Lust?” Chrysalis smirked feeling the faint shock at the statement. Time to keep them interested, and preferably non violent.

“I'd ask how you knew that, but it's not much a surprise you do.” Twilight stated.

Chrysalis took note of the placement of all the ponies. Twilight sat at the end of the table opposite her. Pinkie Pie was between Chrysalis and Fluttershy on the right side. Applejack was in the middle on the left with Rainbow Dash closest to Twilight and Rarity closest to Chrysalis. Spike stood between Fluttershy and Twilight and Rahs loomed over both his siblings. The moon dog worried her more than the others, the way he was poised made it clear he was ready to pounce the second she did something he didn't like.

There was a brief spacing issue as the pair called went to get the drinks, but they took their places right where they had been before as they came back. Twilight floated the tray with what Chrysalis wanted to the other side of the table, the purple unicorn not taking her eyes off the Goddess of Change.

Smart mare.

“It shouldn't be a surprise, no. Though I am a little miffed that my part was little more than envy...i mean seriously.” Chrysalis rolled her eyes.”My actions were more of wraith or lust ….well... maybe a bit of envy.”

“I doubt the prophecy is exact, it's a prophecy. Princess Celestia has expressed annoyance at them quite a number of times.“ Twilight offered. “ Now onto the meat of it. What do you want?”

“A griffon saying? Well I suppose that works given your siblings. So did you want to know what I want over all, or just why I wanted to meet?” Chrysalis asked flippantly.

“Why did you come here?” Twilight gritted her teeth.

“Straight to business then hmm? Fine. Simply put, I need a go between. Between myself and Princess Luna I mean. I can't exactly send a letter to her that she wouldn't share with Celestia and I want to avoid the cake flanks notice. The white train wreck waiting to happen would ignore anything I brought up and simply try to kill me again, or stuff her face with more cake. It's fifty fifty shot with her royal lard ass.”

“Could you at least try to show some respect for the Princess?” Rarity questioned.

“No.” Chrysalis readily denied.

“Why do you want to meet with Princess Luna specifically?” Twilight asked her eyes darting over to Applejack briefly.

“Because any negotiation that could be done between changelings and ponies can't happen so long as ton o fun is involved. I've had very little interaction with Princess Luna, good or bad, so unless her sister has turned her against me already, she's the best bet for any sort of deal.”

“Ah would think that invasion would have turned her against you more than anything Princess Celestia would say.” Applejack snapped her left ear flicking.

“Really then, answer me this? Aside from some property damage, who was actually hurt by my invasion?” Chrysalis questioned.

“Well yah cut off Princess....” Applejack began.

“She doesn't count. She regrew it any way.” Chrysalis snapped.

“My brother.” Spike added. “Both of them.”

“Shining Armor recovered rather quickly, which was the intent. I'm not petty enough to try and eliminate my possible competition for Cady permanently, particularly when I can simply outlive them by being a god. If I 'was' that cruel I simply would have destroyed him, had a ling impersonate him then have that ling break it off with Cady. At that point I would swoop in and make her forget all about her break up without even setting hoof into Canterlot personally. The the ling could simply turn up missing on the next outing with the monster hunters. It happens often enough no one would bat an eye.” Chrysalis smiled, noting Applejack's frown deepen as her left ear twitched. ”And as for Rahs, that was in no way intentional, I've some interest in keeping him around.”

“That's not ominous at all.” Pinkie Pie grumbled.

“Yes it is and had I the inkling I'd let out one of those evil laughs everyone seems to think I enjoy. The rumbling thunder in the back ground makes this the perfect time to do so.”

“Seriously … that guys an idiot.” Rainbow Dash sighed.

“Anyway, the fact of the matter is the level of destruction actually caused by changelings was far less than the property damage you did personally,Twilight Sparkle. In fact most of the damage to the city was either done by you, Pinkie Pie, or fat flank herself. Most of what the changelings did was little more than vandalism on par with your average hoof ball win or a slightly out of control protest. Which is, in fact,exactly what it was.”

“A protest?” Rarity scoffed.” That was decidedly an invasion, you said so yourself. What would you have done had we not actually beaten you?”

“Ruled Equestria.” Chrysalis shrugged. “And been very disappointed. I mean I warned you I was coming.”

Applejack's right ear twitched.

“You didn't send that note.” Twilight frowned.

“Of course not, Forthe did.” Chrysalis smiled as Applejack's left ear twitched. Something was up with that Chrysalis thought paying a bit more attention to the farm mare while pretending not to.

“Who?” Twilight questioned as Chrysalis sipped her now slightly cooled sugar water.

“Another god.... well what was once a god any way. The interesting thing about those who are gods Twilight Sparkle is once they have their portfolios nothing can kill them unless what's in those portfolios is wiped out, or they willingly step down. Granted Forthe is in a odd half state that is unique since what he was a god of is no longer a pure species and the other part of it is stronger than what he represented. If he got over himself and agreed to sharing a portfolio with Princess Luna he'd be fine, but he stubbornly refuses and as such he's in a strange half existence trying to make trouble.”

A left flick.

“But that's not why we are here is it? I agreed to answer some questions but I want to know things too. I feel it's now my turn to ask one.” Chrysalis clapped her hooves together with a grin.”First off is your brother there still single?”

The changeling queen pointed a hoof at Rahs suddenly and she could sense the sudden confusion from the whole group before that switched back to anger again.

“Wha.. oh no, you screwed with Shining, I'm not letting you even try to get a hold of Rahs.” Twilight growled.

“Oh don't worry about me … I'm still interested in Cady..... and maybe a bit in your older brother.... but that's not why I asked.” Chrysalis grinned as Applejack's left ear twitched. “If you didn't know, he is the only single Sparkle left, and given his family and how famous you all are surely you all have realized he's one of, if not the, most eligible bachelor in Equestria now. Of a minor noble family, granted the title of Prince by Princess Luna herself, last of a extinct race, slayer of Discord, and now one of the Four Legendary Heroes of the Crystal Empire. I figure every mare from here to Moss-cow would be all over him. Well I mean, those who don't mind that he's not a pony. And from what I've seen and the emotions I've tasted as of late, not many mind.”

Chrysalis lit up her horn and pulled a photo of Rahs cursed with poison joke from some where, the image showed his earth pony form in a dress.

“Well, I mean at least, most of the time he's not a pony.” Chrysalis smirked as she took note of Rahs becoming embarrassed and annoyed as he glared at Spike. Twilight just slapped her face with her hoof.

“Woof.” Rahs glared down at his little brother.

“Oops.” Spike shrugged.

“Did you come here to do anything, but make Twilight and Rahs mildly uncomfortable?” Rainbow Dash muttered.

“Of course, that's just an added bonus.” Chrysalis smirked noting Applejack frown as her right ear twitched.

“Right so you just want to contact Princess Luna.” Twilight grumbled.' But you never explained what for.”

Chrysalis' smile dropped, as all pretense of her amusement fled her features. She leaned forward over the table a little as her tone darkened.

“I want to discuss with Princess Luna a way to start integrating the changeling race more with Equestrian society. We've lived on the fringes because of sun butt for a long time now. I'm not willing to risk any ling but myself in dealing with her, because neither of us is ever going to one up one another for long. Both of us were butting heads long before even the three tribes situation came about, and I don't see that changing anytime soon, and I'm the god of change so I know. Princess Luna doesn't have the same hang ups with changelings as her sister does and given my kind was sealed in a volcano during the time she was Nightmare Moon means that she doesn't have to worry about any undue prejudices from me as none of my kind suffered a wit from any action of hers. My species needs others to survive, so that gives you a larger bargaining chip in the end, but we've been feeding off and living among your race for as long as you've been around. So if some sort of agreement cannot be reached we will continue to do as we have been doing. The only difference this will make in the end is if changelings can or can't walk around undisguised, and if we have to pay taxes. After all this time I would rather like to settle this where changelings don't need to worry about being hunted or killed, but I can't do that with cake ass, as her only goal involving my kind is to murder us or seal us away somewhere. With Princess Luna sharing the throne there's a chance that a peace can be achieved and I'm willing to take that chance to avoid having to keep stay in the shadows forever. We can always move to another country, but we're established here. I'd prefer not have to uproot my whole species and move somewhere else. Particularly given some of the positions changelings hold, if we all cut and run there would be some rather sizable repercussions all over Equestria.”

Applejack's left ear twitched as the group stared at the Changeling Queen.

Twilight steepled her hooves as she stared at Chrysalis.

“So why does Princess Celestia hate you so much?” Twilight asked.

“Ugh I knew this question was going to come up.” Chrysalis sighed leaning back and picking up her teacup again. “I murdered her father.”

There were a few gasps of shock, though Applejack only flicked her right ear after a pause and Twilight narrowed her eyes.

“You're lying.” Twilight stated.

So that was it. The Element of Honesty was a lie detector. Good to know. Chrysalis thought, ignoring the glares.”Thing is.. that wasn't really a lie.. well not to sun butt any way.”

“You wanna clarify that a bit.” Applejack demanded, her ears flat to her head.

“I'm maybe about ten to twenty years older than cake flank. I sprung into being pretty much at the same point in time my race did, instant goddess, just add love. In the early days we were starved constantly hungry. Waring tribes, abominations, so much unsettled land, instant distrust of strange ponies. There was very little love to go around and we were desperate. So when I found an older earth pony stallion on one of my attempts to find food and discovered that he had a great love for his absent wife and daughter, I jumped at it. He was well liked in the village, and was still pretty good looking despite his age. It didn't take much to find out what his wife looked like, he had a painting of her in his home. Going by that I snuck in, waited until he went to sleep, cast a clouded mind-scape spell on him and turned up as his wife after waking him. He thought he was dreaming about his wife and just had a delightful surge of love and caring for her. We made small talk through most of the night as he talked about what was happening and how he missed her he didn't even seem to notice he was doing all the talking. Well things got a bit, steamy, and I was a bit drunk on the rush of food I was getting. One thing led to another and well..... Bang, bang, bang, goes the headboard, and after a few rolls in the hay the that lasted until the next morning, old stallion keels over from a heart attack.”

Applejack flinched a little though her left ear flicked.

“Of course at this point in time I start freaking out, cause I just killed a stallion with my mad sex skills. First time for that. Not a good feeling, I can tell you that much. But any way, of course his daughter just happens to be visiting the town that morning and after she lets herself in the front door she feels the magic I cast over him. So she busts into the bed room and what does she see? Me, in my natural form dancing about in panic over her dead father with a mind altering spell print all over him.” Chrysalis sighed. “I suppose you can guess who the daughter was.”

“Celestia was an earth pony?” Pinkie Pie questioned.

“Well her father was, mother I think was a unicorn. Looking back she was probably a bit more than that. Of course I didn't know that at the time.” Chrysalis sighed.

“Wait if you killed her father why wouldn't Luna be mad at you too?” Rainbow Dash frowned.

“It wasn't Princess Luna's father. He was a pegasus, she was born about a hundred years later. I only heard about it during one of fat asses attacks on me where she swore she would protect her baby sister. Not sure when she ascended, but I expect it wasn't long after she was born, much like her sister.” Chrysalis shrugged. “Keep in mind most of my information on Princess Luna comes from a long time ago and it was second hoof then. I know Rahs is one of hers, but not the how and why of it, and I know what I've been told about the War of Night and the Equestrian Civil War. Most of that is fairly colored however.”

“Is this some sort of trick to take over ?” Rarity asked flatly.

“No subtlety at all...” Chrysalis rolled her eyes.

“There were a number of attacks on Ponyville last year coupled with everything else that happened. “ Rarity scoffed. “Forgive me for wanting a direct answer.”

“You want a direct answer so your orange furred lie detector can see if I have an ulterior motive.” Chrysalis offered feeling the twinges of annoyance and anger from them.

“So much for that.” Applejack grumbled.

“I've been doing this a long time. Though to your credit that was a new one.” Chrysalis smirked. “ But to answer you directly, there's no trick and I certainly don't want to take over.”

Applejack raised an eyebrow.

“What, you expected me to want to take over and shove every pony in pods to feed off of?” Chrysalis rolled her eyes. “We're emotivores, the happier our prey is the more food we can gather from them, and if things go properly they won't even notice we're eating. The best way to make sure things don't go properly is to put ponies in pods and try and farm them. We feed off all sorts of emotions and while love is a favorite of most changelings, there are some who prefer sadness, anger, and every other emotion out there. Shoving ponies in pods stops them from feeling anything if they're asleep and only terror or anger if they are not. I assure you we would all get sick of those two emotions real damn quick.”

“You ain't lying.” Applejack frowned.

“Why would I have reason to? I'm trying to wave an olive branch here.” Chrysalis smiled. “ And or get back into Cady's pants.”

“Cadence doesn't wear pants.” Pinkie pointed out.

“Oh I know...” Chrysalis offered a lecherous grin.

“ So what's an emotivore?” Spike asked curiously.

“We can sense and feed off emotions. Generally we can tell what some creature is feeling at any given point in time. Take these two for example.” Chrysalis waved a hoof at Applejack and Rarity.” I can sense there's a deep seated if somewhat hidden love between the two, barely repressed and ready to spring forthe into a delightfully heated affair at any moment.”

Rarity had taken that moment to sip some of her tea and Pinkie Pie across from her wound up wearing it instead. Applejack frowned though a few others looked at the pair in surprise.

“What .. I never..” Rarity gasped.

“Calm down, she's lying.” Applejack stated.

“Of course that's what you want them to think, to hide your secret affair.” Chrysalis grinned.

“Tha only secret affair that's gonna happen is my hooves routeing with yer face if yah don't quit it.” Applejack growled.

“Finnne, but you should have seen the look on your faces.” Chrysalis cackled.

”So how many changelings are in Ponyville?” Spike asked changing the conversations direction.

“I won't answer that. I don't want a witch hunt. I can say that no changeling in Ponyville has taken the place of some one else. All the ones in Ponyville have their own identities.” Chrysalis stated looking in annoyance at the little dragon for that question.

“Good enough I suppose, you did admit there are some here and I've got a pretty good idea on three of them. I'll have to ask Kevin about them, he always seems to be hanging around that group.” Spike questioned, noting Chrysalis' eyes widen a bit. “Okay so next thing, do all gods have named weapons or something?”

“I'm not letting you eat my other sword.” Chrysalis snapped. “And no, but given how long most of us live, things that seemed funny when they were done, have evolved into something most ponies would think is madness. Like weapons with names or personalities.”

“You mean like Dr. Choppy's doctorates.” Twilight stated smugly.

“Oh no. Dr. Choppy earned those. I've read his thesis for both his doctorates and it's rather spectacular work.” Chrysalis offered.

“Please tell me she's lying Applejack.” Twilight muttered.

“Fraid ah can't” Applejack blinked.

Twilight slapped both her hooves to her face and grumbled barely coherent curses into them.

“So are changelings like a divine race?” Pinkie Pie asked suddenly.

“A divine race?” Chrysalis blinked.

“Yeah, devout, pious, blessed, just, that sort of thing.” Pinkie Pie elaborated.

“I'm a god of changelings, but religiously I'm regarded much the same as cake flank and her sister to you ponies. Why do you ask?” Chrysalis pondered.

“Cause all you guys are holy.” Pinkie Pie grinned.

Everyone in the room stared at Pinkie Pie for a moment before the sound of six hooves, a paw, and a claw slapped into their owners faces.

“The holes in my body are all old scars from the time my entire race nearly starved to death. They're called 'voids' and even with a surfeit of food they would exist now as a reminder of that time. Many burned out their own bodies to provide subsistence to keep each other alive. The scars of that time are still prevalent today, though not as much as there used to be. Gnarled horns and holes, all signs of magical starvation that progressed beyond what we should have been able to survive. Between the warring tribes and cake ass' vendetta against us , it was small wonder we lived at all. Just when we were starting to recover, the fat wench sealed us in a dormant volcano I was using for a hive. She magically reinforced the rock around it and set her spell to be powered by the sun. I don't even know how long it took us to get out of that I lost over half my race to starvation. Have any of you ever truly been hungry , or starving, watched friends and family waste away to nothing then simply die. Watched your young wither and die out because there was nothing for them to survive on? I may have accidentally killed her father, but because of what she did to me an mine I will never forgive her nor will I ever stop doing my best to make her miserable. But unlike fat ass I won't make every pony suffer just to get at her. She tried to kill me off by killing off changelings as a whole. One death does not equate to thousands.”” Chrysalis snarled.

“So Princess Celestia tried to wipe out a whole species? I find that hard to believe.” Rainbow Dash stated.

“Woof.” Rahs offered getting a shocked look from Pinkie and Fluttershy.

“Right . She has before. She hunted the witch wolves down and killed every last one of them. She might have done the same to Rahs if things hadn't played out as they did.” Twilight stated flatly.

“What are you talking about?” Applejack demanded.

“Princess Celestia lent me her journals and Princess Luna provided a number more that Celestia kept from me. This included the one she made on the day that I took the test to get into her school. She wrote about how she was part of a force that hunted down and destroyed every single witch wolf they could find.”

“Now do you see why I have issue with her.” Chrysalis snapped.

“Your actions might have been accidental, but they still killed a family member. While i don't like it, I understand it fully. Had you harmed Shining Armor personally or gone with that plan you described and I found out about it, I wouldn't have left enough of your kind intact to be sealed in a cigar box, let alone a volcano and I would have left you alive long enough to watch before I destroyed you.” Twilight stated flatly.

Applejack stared wide eyed at the mare, Twilight had meant every word of that.

Chrysalis' eyes widened as well, though she smirked. “And that statement right there, is why I tried to keep you away from the wedding. Given what you, your brothers, and your friends have done in the last three years alone, coming after you directly is foolish at best, and suicidal at worse. I wanted none of you even near Canterlot and your brother circumvented that attempt. That you became suspicious of me immediately meant I needed to keep you distracted. I planed to replace your friends and have them try to talk you down from doing anything. The goal was to keep them out of the way and get the wedding over with before releasing them unharmed.”

“Yeah well that Rhino guy didn't seem to share your 'unharmed' sentiments.” Applejack frowned.

“He was stressed from having lost half his team capturing you. He was reprimanded for his actions..... well, when he woke up any way.” Chrysalis sighed. ”It's not like I have some stupid hive mind thing that allows me to watch and order around my entire race. Which is why I had to go to plan B when plan A failed and you came after me.”

“Fair enough.” Twilight stated.

Chrysalis let out a small sigh she didn't know she was holding. The spike of anger from the three Sparkles as Twilight spoke about what she would do lead Chrysalis to believe they would have been hunting right along with her. That worried her. With the slight relaxation of tensions she felt herself relax a little as well. Progress, was always good.

“I asked Princess Celestia about why she hated you and she told me she viewed changelings as a threat to pony kind. I could tell there was more to it than that, but I believe her. “ Twilight offered. “If the negotiations between you and Princess Luna bare fruit, I would expect it would be wise to appoint one of your changelings to be the one who talks if there's any negotiations in Canterlot. It would be best if you simply avoid the city.”

“Please give me some credit. I can chess master and delegate just as well as cake flank. I'd rather all of the talks go under her nose.” Chrysalis sighed and rolled a black orb across the table towards Twilight. “ Here. Use this to contact me.”

“What's this?” Twilight frowned.

“Dragon glass fused with some of my magic. You can have your scaly little mail dragon add me to his contact list. “ Chrysalis smiled.

“ Dragon Glass?” Spike frowned at being called little more than the other things.

“Obsidian. Dragon glass is an old name only used in the Crystal Empire.” Twilight explained. “ I'll check it out then we'll send a test message.”

“Best I can ask for, if Princess Luna agrees you can use that to get a message to me.” Chrysalis chuckled. “ And with that I think this little Q&A is over.”

Chrysalis rose and turned heading for the door before stopping.” I do thank you for offering to deal with me like this Twilight Sparkle, here's hoping this turns into some sort of friendship.”

“Don't count on that any time soon.” Twilight responded as the Queen of the changelings left.

Author's Note:

There were a number of good questions, but some didn't fit the tone and had to be left out

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