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Twilight Gets a Puppy, Season 3 - TDR

A hidden empire, even worse dating advice, bad apples, witch wolves, and the return of chaos all in Season 3 of Twilight Gets a Puppy

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The Crescent Empire Epilogue 2

Twilight Gets a Puppy
Season 3

The Crescent Empire
Epilogue 2

[ 3 Days later. Canterlot]

The hollow clack of hooves on stone echoed in the normally unused dungeon of Canterlot Castle. A rustle of wings heralded the sudden rattle of armor as the four guards posted there snapped to attention the noise echoing over the scant few holding cells that were there.

The dungeon was small in truth, having only five cells. It had been unused since it was built save as a tourist attraction, and once to hold a particularly famous cat burglar, who had only been in the cells to show he could escape them.

The cells had been upgraded since then, but Princess Celestia had never felt the need for dungeons. There were jail cells in Guard posts across Equestria for the few crimes that needed them, mostly disorderly conduct, theft and the like.

It was a rare pony indeed that did things worse than that. Still it happened and if it was bad enough for jail time, but not bad enough to be sent to Tartarus, banishment, or being added to a particular garden of the princesses, there was always the island of Alpacatraz. Granted there were at best twenty to thirty on that island, mostly violent dissidents and at least three failed assassins.

While some might consider the number of prisoners there rather low for the sheer number of ponies in Equestria, one also had to consider the volume of property damage done by the nations 'heroes' to realize that most crimes could easily be dealt with on a lower judicial level. Ponies also tended to be rather big on forgiveness.

That and the thieves guild had their own rules and morals, given they drew in most of the worst, they minded their own and any one who broke their rules tended to vanish.

As it stood, a great deal of work had gone into upgrading one of the dungeon cells in the last day for a very specific guest.

Chains rattled as a black furred head lifted, red eyes glaring as a blue alicorn strode up to the other side of the bars.

“Well. I see you finally decided to show up.” Sombra snarled. “ Here to torture me more with your 'dentist' ?”

“That was to help thee..” Luna began.

“Spare me the platitudes. I was strapped to a chair and had a mare jabbing sharp metal into my mouth, that was torture pure and simple.” Sombra snapped.

“That is a modern medical practice that even we had to submit to.” Luna rolled her eyes.

“And I thought the doctors of my time were barbaric.” Sombra snapped

The former king was bound in the cell with numerous chains and six limiters on his horn. His burns had already healed and his teeth had also come back in. Even without his magic he was dangerous as two unwary guards, now on medical leave, had found out.

“We are not here for that. Our sister shall be deciding your fate in this once she has a list of your crimes. We simply wish to talk.” Luna frowned.

“Talk?” Sombra snorted.” You wish to talk?!”

“That is what we have stated.”

“And what would we even have to speak with YOU about mare? Your inability to do anything without deferring to your sister? Your grandstanding? Your utter incompetence? Your murder of countless innocents through your creations? Perhaps you mean your utter failure as a ruler?”

“HEY!” one of the Guards snapped.” Mind your tongue or else...”

“Or else what colt? You'll lock me up further? Try and come in here to force me to mind my tongue? How well did that work for your useless companions? There is not a thing you can do or say to me that will matter a wit colt, so do yourself a favor and shut your own damn mouth because I WILL tear out your tongue and beat you to death with it!” Sombra snapped back fangs bared.

The Guard took a step back at Sombra's snarl before starting forward again only to be blocked by Luna's wing.

“Enough!” Princess Luna snapped.” We did not come down here for thou to get into an argument with the guards, we came here for answers.”

“Spare me the lies mare, you came to talk to me to make yourself feel better, to try and find something to blame all your issues on that was not yourself.”


“Don't Sombra me mare. You want to talk fine how about I tell you a story? This is a little tale I like to call 'buck off and die'. It's a little tale about a colt who grew up as royalty, was given every material thing he could ever want and denied what he most needed. It stars a psychotic stallion of a father who's whole purpose was to become a god and rule everything. And a twisted abomination of a mare who hated both the son and his father, even though the colt didn't do anything wrong. In fact the little colt did everything in his power to please both of his parents as he needed, if not outright mindlessly lusted for that connection, that little spark of caring that even the slaves received from their families. And at one point his desire for that was so high, so driven into his very psyche that when the mare asked of him something, in a tone that was caring and warm, something he had never known, he jumped at it as a pony dying of thirst in the desert would go for a cup of water. “

Sombra glared straining against the chains his eyes locked on Luna.

“ He listened to her like a good little colt and did as she asked. The little colt crept into his fathers room at night and slew the monster in cold blood because the mare said she would take him with her when she fled. A murderer before his twelfth birthday”

The guards and Luna both stared as Sombra was practically frothing at the mouth at this point, the chains binding him straining as the rings around his horn started to glow as they absorbed the magic he was putting out.

“And low an behold just when he thought he was done, that he had achieved the love and caring that he had desired his whole life, what happened?! The mare decided that since she was free, any promises she made were no longer valid and she took off into the night with all of her followers, leaving the colt behind with a corpse and a empire to rule devoid of nearly all it's protectors. An empire that was besieged on all sides by enemies. Enemies that took advantage of the weakness and started destroying everything he had known around him. He held on for ten years keeping those wolves at the gate at bay, hoping against everything that the one who promised to free him would return and rescue him from the nightmare she had left. And THEN!! THEN!! when it was all said and done and the enemy was rushing in seeking to kill and destroy, not even trying any other way but complete annihilation, did he find his dead father had left A GIFT. And oh what a wonderful gift, the young stallion had all his memories stripped away and was flung out of time and space along with everything he knew to BE BAIT FOR A TRAP!!!”

Sombra lunged forwards two of his chains snapping off completely as his face pressed to the bars, the unicorn still contained but still straining against his bonds.

“All of that, because he was betrayed by ones he loved who used his desire for acceptance and caring against him. Quite a story isn't it?” Sombra snarled.” And I'm sure you know exactly who that mare was don't you 'mother'?”

Luna flinched at the words, the venom in his tone enough to make a blue ring octopus jealous.

“Oh don't get me wrong. I know why you did it. I'm not the same little colt you tricked into doing your dirty work. I realize now you were controlled and had no say over your actions.... at least until I killed Soloman any way. After that well... I'm a lot less understanding.” Sombra hissed the words at Princess Luna. “ So go ahead mare. Do your worst. You've already ruined my life any way, what's a bit more, go a head and finish it. Finish what you started.”

Sombra snarled as Luna turned and left. The stallion glaring at the shocked guards before turning and settling back into the shadows of his cell.

[ ? ]

“There was one left...... damn....” Forthe growled as he shifted and moved though the jungle he was in, paying no mind to the trees as he passed around or through them.

If the witch wolf had gotten out it would have weakened him further, possibly enough to destroy him completely if it got into any of the nearby packs. He was somewhat thankful to his targets that they had destroyed it, pity they hadn't died as well however.

If what he heard was true, aside from making Luna suffer, the act barely did anything at all, most of the gods were indifferent to her return at best, and wary at worst.

He had thought the object under the ice sealed the empire away as a foci, but to think the whole thing was a trap for gods. Well, he had been a lot closer than he liked to it. Though if he knew he would have done things a little differently , and tried to get Luna inside instead of the pink one.

Still despite Kodiak's attempt Luna was unharmed, the moon dog and his summoner were still alive, the only advantage he had was that the witch wolf was dead and the pair of them were hurt.

The ponies would also be distracted by the empire and their prisoner now and he would have time to try something else.

The was still the problem of the bitch interested in the abomination. She wouldn't listen to him and she was too strong for any of the ones he could convince to try and take over. If he sent another pack after her there would be a war and the ponies would get involved and any attempts he made after that would be foiled as they would be looking for him to make a move.

No he needed something else. Something they would never see coming.


The darkness cursed.

It wasn't enough power.

The trap had been sprung and broken before the one caught could be drained completely.

Still it had been enough.


He clung to the world again, not quite existing as more a ghost. Less alive than he should be , but more than he was. It seemed the spell he had taken from Grogar was effective after all.

He could get more power later, he could complete this and it needn't even be as complex as the trap. That had been a fail safe any way. To think he expected Nightmare to be the one to do it.

He needed time to recover fully.

But for now.

Time was something he had an unlimited amount of.

He would have it all, everything would be his soon enough.

The darkness smiled.

[ Abandoned grove outside of Ponyville]

If you asked the local weather ponies about the Everfree Forest they would all agree on the same thing, 'the weather there was unpredictable'.

Now most would chock this up to the idea that beings that controlled the weather of course would worry about a place where the weather did it's own thing, and they would be partially right.

The forest did have it's own weather, but it really was unpredictable. The forest was known to have a summer drought in the middle of winter while surrounded by snow. Or have a blizzard in the dog days of summer. Hurricanes formed over it despite the fact there wasn't enough water there to feed such monstrous storms, not to mention the few rains of fish and frogs that Equestria knew of also happened here. Some ponies blamed Discord, but the history of the Everfree Forest went back much much further than Discord.

So it was of little surprise to any one when a tornado erupted from the forest seemingly at random.

Most only thought it odd that it was a Sunday rather than a Tuesday this happened.

The tornado screamed and howled, but it stayed away from the town, tearing through a bit of government protected land away from any pony homes before it dissipated.

With the danger passed the weather team made a note of it for their records and everything went back to normal, just another crazy thing for the town, and not even one worth really noting, or bringing up.

The area of forest the tornado hit however was destroyed , shattered trees and broken limbs littered the area. The tornado had come through with a savage howl ripping apart this section of the forest before crashing into the largest tree in the clearing, splitting it open just as the tornado had petered out.

The massive trunk of the tree crashed down, smashing into the monument erected by Princess Luna. The black stone not even showing a scuff from the impact as heavily enchanted as it was.

An hour or so after the storm faded, the area was again filled with the sound of snapping limbs and creaking wood. This was soon joined by howls of rage and frustration.

And as the sounds of grinding wood and snarls of canines left the area, what damage had been done by the storm seemed worse.

Few if any living trees were left untouched. Most were altered in some way shredded or simply reduced to toothpicks.

And in the center of it, a black stone monument lay crumbled to rubble drained of it's protection.

Author's Note:

And thus ends the first part of season three.

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