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Great little recording. · 5:01pm January 4th

So, recently a good friend from CTS, Chosen Heart aka Cinderscript, did a recording of Luna's letter to Twilight at the end of Guide.

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2545681 Heh, true. Though DID read it closer to that season, just use my Kindle to read on, and get a backlog of read later lists I get around to actually going through in chunks.

Thank you for your glowing comments on SKITTISH, and for the favorite. I do have to say, however, this wasn't the season I expected to hear from someone reading one of my Halloween stories.

2539302 Already have a list, but definitely one to add to it.

So you are going with my idea with twilight and the zebra.

2539230 Hmmm, not quite my type of thing to write, kind of have the whole, CTS, SSC thing going, but a role play like that might be fun, and some hot Zebra on Pony action is always extremely fun.

  • Viewing 57 - 61 of 61
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