So, finally actually posted a real story. · 3:56pm June 16th

As pretty much all of you noticed of course. Been over a week and still don't think the fact I now count as a pony-fic author has fully sunk in. Even more so that the fic ended up going of as well as it did. Nearly 3000 views, two days in the feature box, and just, a slew of overall positive comments and feedback, thank you to everyone that read, liked, and enjoyed my first story. Guess a follow up might help, or at least help cover some more things so....

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I forgot that I wasn’t following you! I try to follow all the regular reviewers around the site. :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the watch. I hope my future activities validate your decision!

2427138 That one is on my read later list already, kind of had stuff on that pushed aside by this whole 'review ALL the stories' thing. But yeah had already meant to take a look at it. And thank you very much, I agree 100% on that first bit and do try my best to do that.

A good reviewer is one who can complete a work they don't personally find appealing, and still give a fair review to it. I really appreciate your time, pal.

Not sure if Slouching Towards Canterlot would be more your speed, but I do have a couple Lighter and Softer fics in the works...

2427132 You're welcome, already replied to the comment on the review. But again, I really didn't think it was objectively a 'bad' story. Just the type of story that while I can see the quality of and get why people like it. Is simply not a type of story I can ever really enjoy or get into. Good story... just not for me.

  • Viewing 34 - 38 of 38
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