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Writer of kinky horse words, and less kinky comments that can be longer than some entire fics.


Dramatic reading · 3:23pm February 17th

So the amazing Scarlett Blade has done a dramatic reading of Luna's Guide that you can find below.

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"comments that can be longer then some entire fics"

...think you need to fix that :rainbowwild:

2576862 YW, just noticed I hadn't been following you and had to fix that.

Thanks for the follow!

I had this happen after leaving big comments on a bunch of Death Note: Equestria chapters. Unfortunately I fizzled out on it before too long, just not really getting to the stuff I was linked... But it was nice to help. :twistnerd:

2545681 Heh, true. Though DID read it closer to that season, just use my Kindle to read on, and get a backlog of read later lists I get around to actually going through in chunks.

  • Viewing 61 - 65 of 65
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