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I'm not dead (and other news). · 7:58pm January 20th

Sooooo, yeah, I haven't really done much around here in some time, sorry about that. Combination of IRL stuff, moving, stress, and just general not having much motivation due to a number of factors, but I'm trying to work on getting back into things. So, where do things stand?

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I hear Stellar Flare could use a little unwinding from her job as well.

Well, so manyMILF's so little time. Twilight Velvet is the obvious choice, given Best MILF. Though Windy Whistles could also use more happy fun times.

Thank you for the favorite. So who do you want next chapter.


Gotcha, glad we got that cleared up. It's a bit annoying that this site has no way of informing you when this sort of thing happens.


Right, I'm pretty sure that would be Zaponator's unrelated fanfic with by same name.

Honestly, Ocalhoun's story wasn't really... ah, to my taste, in a mostly subjective sense, though it did inspire me. It was one of those "I would have written this completely differently and you know what, I think I will" kind of situations. By contrast, I have read the Zaponator one but I don't even really recall what I thought of it, except that I generally don't really like that type of take on teleportation.

And not the one you based your fic off of, haven't read that one. Another fic called 'Blink' with a kind of similar cover (Pic of Twi on a black background with a lot of purple in it). That was one of those "Twilight kills herself and creates a clone every time she teleports" bits of idiocy I really do not like at all.

  • Viewing 75 - 79 of 79
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