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Reports of my demise may be somewhat exaggerated · 4:28pm Jul 31st, 2014

Hi there, folks!

So, uh, despite appearances, I'm not actually dead. Shocking, I know, given my rather long absence, but true nonetheless. I've actually been kind of avoiding logging in, because I'm more than slightly ashamed at the fact that I haven't yet produced the followup to Outside the Reaching Sky that I'd promised waaaaaaaaaaaaay back when.

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    i loved the dread chitin, though, it was a sad end, kind of disappointing.
    maybe you should do a rewrite where the human (i forgot his name) has to protect twilight and rainbow dash from timberwolves as they had landed too far into the forest.

    This is one of the best stories. I wish it kept going so I won't see the end. Have the best of luck for I am always watching.

    You probably won't ever read this, but the way you mixed magic and technology was amazing. It's some of the best I've seen out of any other story or setting I've ever seen or read.

    Awesome! "A Foul Light Shines" was the first MLP fanfic I've ever read and it was simply amazing, just the same way as the other 2 were. You are easily one of my top 3 favorite writers so I will keep waiting for another masterpiece whenever it comes. Good luck and no rush!

    • Viewing 98 - 102 of 102
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