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Reports of my demise may be somewhat exaggerated · 4:28pm Jul 31st, 2014

Hi there, folks!

So, uh, despite appearances, I'm not actually dead. Shocking, I know, given my rather long absence, but true nonetheless. I've actually been kind of avoiding logging in, because I'm more than slightly ashamed at the fact that I haven't yet produced the followup to Outside the Reaching Sky that I'd promised waaaaaaaaaaaaay back when.

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Hey, just read through Dread Chitin and Outside the Reaching Sky. Thought Chitin was a little rough but good and Sky was a fantastic sequel! If you write things on other sites I might try to track them down. Thanks for the good reads!

I do hope you come back someday.

No idea.
Maybe giant centipedes.

I could understand that.
Edit: why does my first comment have one downvote?

Dunno how one could fit that in, cuz he was dead set on killing himself to let the ponies through, and also Karazor might've felt that they've gone through enough and he wanted to end the story there.

  • Viewing 105 - 109 of 109
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