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salty lol nope i am just fracking with you.
trust me if i was salty you would know it..

No, I just don't trust links that salty strangers give me.

so you are scared of a word test with a simple play of words?
interesting vary interesting in dead.

i have a test for you, now mind you i can read this test with the greatest of ease.

the test

Funny thing is he blocked me from replying. I was about to roast the fucker, but by the time I typed out the reply, I was barred from commenting on his page.

Just ignore Professor Litmus, he's a jerk...

(Yeah, he shat on me too)

Thanks for the fav on my story, Fireteam Storm.

Comment posted by Thesciencefanficwriter deleted Jan 29th, 2020
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