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I'm rather clever.

A Pathetic Waste Of Time

  • "And Then Rainbow Dash Was a Colt," and Ten Other Really Awkward Stories Insert title. Add a dash of timing and miscommunication, maybe a sparkle of innuendo. Oops, almost forgot the kitchen sink. Seriously though, the mane 6 help Dash deal with, and find a cure for, her sudden um... change. by Piquo Pie 29,242 words · 7,466 views · 218 likes · 21 dislikes
  • I Wasn't Prepared for This When a last-minute hug from her assistant interrupts Twilight's coronation, the spell goes horribly wrong. by IceOfWaterflock 20,598 words · 12,686 views · 1,260 likes · 79 dislikes
  • My Choices: Twisted Tales Through Time Twilight goes back in time to prevent Luna's transformation into Nightmare Moon. by koolerkid 59,659 words · 15,250 views · 1,141 likes · 14 dislikes
  • Mirror's Image Twilight never was a unicorn. And she didn't even know it. by Evilpresident 224,822 words · 37,904 views · 2,987 likes · 72 dislikes
  • Everyone's a Changeling Everyone's a changeling. You, him, her, that. If it moves, it's a changeling. If it breathes, it's a changeling. If it's alive, it's a changeling. And Chrysalis is utterly sick of it. by Aquillo 5,685 words · 3,808 views · 234 likes · 4 dislikes

Even More Pathetic

  • Regarding The Need for Sex Education Ponies these days are nuzzling younger than ever. Talk to your foals about the dangers of unprotected tummy rubs. by GaPJaxie 7,604 words · 25,252 views · 1,766 likes · 50 dislikes
  • A Stitch in Time A sequel to Hard Reset by Eakin 70,648 words · 38,055 views · 4,631 likes · 69 dislikes
  • The Irony of Applejack Applejack has never told a lie. Merely... omitted some details about herself... by Mister Friendly 175,745 words · 30,346 views · 3,014 likes · 72 dislikes
  • Zestar Apple Flambe Spike and Apple Bloom's relationship, their unorthodox family, and what it means for Equestria. by Zyxx 48,601 words · 12,185 views · 797 likes · 21 dislikes
  • Wedding Bell Blues A Canterlot Wedding gets really messed up by Darth Link 22 19,021 words · 15,489 views · 892 likes · 74 dislikes

I Need A Hobby

  • Que Sera, Sera Equestria's past is Twilight's future by Ponydora Prancypants 15,437 words · 31,882 views · 3,044 likes · 54 dislikes
  • Not My Destiny Twilight refuses to accept her ancient alicorn heritage by Smayds 37,412 words · 24,565 views · 1,638 likes · 56 dislikes
  • Absolution Scootaloo is trapped on a ship in deep space with Ghosts and a computer who has problems of it's own. by Cynewulf 30,983 words · 1,365 views · 135 likes · 7 dislikes
  • 'Destiny' and Other Lies Told to Foals Twilight wakes in the middle of the night, haunted by a terrifying dream—one that's not so hard to see coming true. by Sunchaser 10,644 words · 5,947 views · 629 likes · 20 dislikes
  • Do Changelings Dream of Herding Sheep? Daring Do ventures into the desert chasing changelings, but uncovers a dark secret... by JohnPerry 11,720 words · 12,067 views · 244 likes · 6 dislikes


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This new update is retarded but at least I have chicken.

Fan fiction is what literature might look like if it were reinvented from scratch after a nuclear apocalypse by a band of brilliant pop-culture junkies trapped in a sealed bunker. - Lev Grossman, TIME magazine

Things Mom Wouldn't Be Proud Of


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hory shet its been a while
i've got unread chapters from fucking december

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I shouldn't have to point out that I'm not misanthropic, homophobic, sexist, racist, or any other -ic or -ist words you can think of.

I'm highly egotistical and will tear apart any story for the most minor (or imagined) flaws. No, I won't go easy on new writers. If my review seems insulting, it's probably just because you're an idiot.

No, I honestly don't care about your opinion on whatever travesty Hasbro is trying to sell now. Stop complaining.

It's been said that those who can't make, critique. True, and I bet you voted for Hitler.

I hate everyone, some less than others.

My entire schtick is sex and sarcasm.

Now will you please stop comparing me with Hitler, I'd prefer either Pol Pot or Chairman Mao.

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