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Too many bronies, including me, are suffering because of physical, mental, and emotional stress. So I made this group to try and cheer everybody up. Welcome to the Hug Patrol, dedicated to spreading love, friendship, and hugs all across FIMFic...and maybe even across the world.

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I give free hugs!!!

Joined to post a two-part question. First, who's running the group now that BaroqueNexus has left? Second, are any restrictions being put on what sort of stories can be submitted? Looking through the folders, I'm seeing some stories that I'm pretty sure were added as troll submissions. (For instance, the only story in "Stories With Love" is apparently something about kidnapping and rape.) I like the idea behind this group, and I'd hate to see that idea fall apart.

69 members:ajsmug:

That is all. Equestria is ours.


308118 I came across this group quite by accident...and I glanced at the comments, saw yours, and moved on to perusing the folders. OMG! You are right, those folder names totally sucked me in, and I had to join. Plus I specialise in hug stories. Yay! :yay:

Handshake and a hug

HUG ME! :scootangel:

so, I came across this group due to some story.
One look at the names of the folders alone was enough of a reason to join.

Hugs for EVERYPONY!:twilightsmile:

Ever have a pony dream? I had one yesterday and it involved cuddling Fluttershy. So have some cuddes.

I made a group banner and um i know you already have one but I wanted to do it anyway, especially since I found a hug picture with all of the main six in it so yeah. You dont have to use it or anything but if you do that would be cool:twilightblush: anyway, right click the picture and click 'view image' to see it fully

-gives random hugs to the next person that comments-

Mental and Emotional Stress huh? Yeah... That might fit my current state perfectly.

*Hugs* Everypony!

Everypony deserves a hug

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