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Gerard is hotest singer. Hands down. You cannot even argue. Just stop right now.

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320437Ouch. Well talk to them! Party Poison and Kobra Kid are on the sight

320436 And I found out by a friend talking about it sometime after that :raritydespair:

320434Like...we found out the day it happened

320387 ya... I know :fluttercry:

314162You're a few months late laddie

so... anyone hear that the band broke up? :fluttershysad:

I'm here now.
Am I late for anything?


Now this is what I'm talking about!

Gerard is not hottest....,...Frank Iero is best :rainbowkiss:

297103 God damn right.

Proud to be part of the MCRMY


I seldom edit my comments, and when I do I write it like;

EDIT: [insert edit here]

297096 Now that you've edited it, you have... :rainbowkiss:

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