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A place where people with sexy hair can come together and talk about how sexy their hair is, post fanfictions that feature characters with sexy hair, and funny third thing.

Founder: Nunchucks


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305252 that is fucking glorious

Sideburns FTW! Also mustaches! :moustache:

I have deep auburn curly locks. Very lush. Just waiting to be stroked.

I put my curly crimson locks to good use by wearing goggles and a hat, and said I was Shaun White. I seriously have no idea who the guy in the gorilla suit was though.

Since I have never used this group, I decided to show my sexeh hair. Lookidy here!

295334 What the balls. Nice crossplay, haha.

294944 Damn your sexy locks.

Everybody seems to be doing so I'll do it too.
Except it was still somewhat what. And I didn't know how to pose. And there are times where it is sexier...
Meh. As a bonus have a picture of me as a princess.
You will never unsee that. Have fun with that image in your head.

Even Regidar can't match my hair. My hair is sexiest pony.

:pinkiecrazy: I have the sexiest hair of them all.

>Nunchucks and Regidar as admins


Also, my body is ready. Also is my hair.

It's a buzzcut, but everyone around me loves my hair because it's the smoothest fucking hair ever. :moustache:

Ah, just go for a link. HAIR SEXINESS!
Warning: Boner Alert
Not my best pic, but the only one I could find.

293899 It's really pretty easy.

293895 save them to your computer, go to and upload it, then use the link they give you.

293830I would if I could figure out how to get facebook pics onto this fucking site.

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