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Because Nirvana is that fucking awesome.

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Wow, this sight has a group for pretty much every band in history.

did they remove all of the clopfics?

I wrote a story about Kurt called, "The Man That Sold The World". It's a childrens story.

Comment posted by imagonerbyeeveryone deleted Feb 9th, 2013

297444 Lol the end of the world didn't even start for us yet.

297438 You know, I don't even know what The lonely island is I live in Australia (well i moved here from U.S.) so i was doing stuff on my boat so i just had my laptop saw this and I was like "oh shit!" hes on an airplane well i'm on a boat. so yeah I just wikid it...they look a little freakish (if you know what I mean). so yeah have a merry end of the world. i still have like 6 hours so bye. :rainbowkiss:

297437 Yeah, a little bit.

297436 Woah, sorry killed the mood :twilightblush:

297424 Get the fuck out of here with your Lonely Island shit.

297166 I'M ON A PLANE!

I love myself better than you.
I know it's wrong, so what should I do?

You know it, guys

They are.
according to vh1, #14 artist of all time. I agree with that ranking of that one grunge group I listen to. Rock is awesome!

Because Nirvana is that fucking awesome.


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