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Scootaloo gets her chance to pilot the experimental Absolution into deep space for its maiden voyage, but not all is well. Halfway through the one year mission in isolation, her ship is beset by Ghosts who hound her every step. The shipboard AI, Star Mother, is struggling with some outside invasion Scootaloo does not understand, and in the midst of it all... something is wrong at the heart of her ship. Something sinister is hiding in the circuits and mental pathways of Princess Luna's greatest and most secretive project: AfterPony. As the Absolution descends into darkness, Scootaloo must come to grips with the nature of a Ghost and the AI who she calls friend.

Chapters (11)
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Comments ( 160 )

Seeing this story grow was a great experience. I believe that all involved came away better for it. I kind of miss the color though...

2021763 Haha, the color was fun, butttt...... nah. I think it comes across as pretentious and stuffs. But I might go back when it's done and add it.

2021794 Maybe. :P

2021797 Hooray! I hope you enjoy it when you get around to it


Okay, now that I read this, I can say I really love this. It really is relevant to my interests, and just awesome, okay?

2021974 :D :D :D

Excellent!! Glad to hear that. And you'll be happy to know that I'll be releasing it rather quickly.

2022006 hahaha not that quickly. :P As in, the next chapter and supplemental will be released late Saturday or late Sunday

2022239 haha, do you guys really want them? I'll add 'em if you'd like.

2022242 It's your story, not ours. I can see many readers not liking the colored text as it can be hard to read and breaks the flow of the story.

2022756 !!!

Where are those from? I've seen them both

2022885 ...


oh my god.

Yes, yes you're right.

2022917 Never heard of it. :P Well, no, I take that back. The phrase/name, yes, but nothing to connect it to.

This looks interesting; I'll read it when I get home from work. from the description, it almost feels like a crossover with a few different older sci fi stories - any major influences?

2023190 Mostly this video, and some 2001: A Space Odyssey.

I don't read that much sci fi, actually! I do like it when I read it, though. The story is similar to the movie Solaris, though I didn't know that until chapter...4 or 5.

Hmmm Interesting... I want to read more... I must read more

After reading the description, I'm getting some serious System Shock (a video game) vibes from it.

I will also admit that I have never played System Shock, and probably never will, due to the fact that I am a Scoo-- I mean, chicken when it comes to horror games.

That description is just chilling. I'll have to give this a read!

(but maybe the description should have been "and the AI who she calls a friend.")

An AI on a space ship called the Absolution in which a dark and mysterious entity is threatening its only crew member. If you're not a Toonami fan, I'll shoot myself in the foot.

That's what I wanted to say after reading the description. Looks like I need to buy a gun now... This is much more like the quiet, introspective science fiction that aims to explore the human condition, like Solaris. Looks pretty amazing so far, though I can't honestly say I'm deeply interested.

If the minds of the Element Bearers are incorporated into this AfterPony project, you would think Spike's would be too. He would likely add a valuable uniqueness to whatever the project is, and fact is, the mane six just aren't complete without him.

2022756 Dude, I love you. Stay gold, space cowboy. :ajsmug:

2024470 Poor Spike, I always ignore. Mostly, it's different physiology and stuff.

Nothing is Constant pointed out how eerily similar it was to Solaris (I've not watched it yet!) and as for Toonami... dang, man, I loved Toonami. I just didn't rememeber his ship was named Absolution! I probably did pick up ideas there.

2024304 I think I'll change the description when I get a chance

'Absolution'? Probably some angsty crap, I'll skip it.

Wait a second.... Is this a Coheed and Cambria songfic? I might just read this.

2023326 Hmm, 2001 eh? Neat. Big fan of the movie, not as hot on the book. And any similarities to Solaris are a big plus (though I've never seen any of the movies, the book is one of the best examples of the genre). The one story that your description most reminded me of was Nightflyers, by George RR Martin, as well as a couple plots from the show Farscape. Will definitely read after eating.

Also, thanks for introducing me to a new band.

2024674 The sci-fi I favor is more along the lines of Star Wars, Doctor Who, Terminator, etc. I thought of Solaris because it's the most similar mainstream sci-fi movie I could think of. The only other hard science fiction that came to mind was Gattaca and a short story that I've forgotten the title of. :twilightblush:

Fun fact: there are so few people who write Toonami fanfiction that I'm not being even slightly conceited by saying that I probably write the best Toonami fanfics in existence. :scootangel:

2024763 haha not quite bit for bit with Afterman, but definitely inspired in some ways.

2025565 Well, this one was for you after all, in a way. :P

2025085 God Dr. Who is such an excellent thing.

service tunnel nineteen


Also, me no like the mist.
It bad.

Now it's time? NOW it's time?! It's far past time to tell the truth.

> Absolution

> Space


I'm tryin' realllll hard not to make a Muse reference... eh, whatever.


So is this fully as in everything (apart from the ponies and reason) based off the movie, or is this your own telling of it?


2036253 What movie?

The short thing with the astornaut I posted or linked or whatevs? From the Coheed album? No, it's not following the plot of The Afterman.

2036958 Ok, it's that vid you posted, with the astronaut talking to the space ship. It's on your user page.

2039066 Oooooh

No, it's not. That little bit is the whole thing. It was sort of inspired by it, but it's def not following the plot of Afterman

2039819 Ah, ok good to know thanks, now I can watch it.

Dat Mission Impossible reference.... :rainbowkiss:

2076411 Ghost Protocol? Ha

randomguy squee'd over that. I enjoyed it highly

And then she woke up, the end.


2076417 You wanna know what else I enjoyed highly?

This story.

2078709 heh heh I'm glad someone does

No, but seriously, I'm really glad. The next three will be out soonish. Every... four days or so, I guess? Kind of just when I'm ready to release each one. But fast all the same!

Dude, this fic scares the absolute shit out of me and I love it :heart:

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