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409942 *Trump! remember, you've gotta call people the name that they identify with, or else you're a bigot! :trollestia:


That's quite all right: you gave us Donald J. Drumpf - all is forgiven for the next 200 years.

Technically he's an orange male tho.

409922 You're right! I'm not oppressed, instead i was born oppressive, racist and sexist!



Yeah, cisgender WASP white males are so oppressed these days, and, um, uh, er, stuff.

Hot diggety damn am I ready to be criticized for being a middle class, moderate conservative Christian white male :ajsmug:

I wonder how much fun this group had with the season 5 premiere.

political neutral (personal believes Transhuman)

Comment posted by Mega NewWays97 deleted Apr 30th, 2015

revolutionary left in the house

Yes, friends! Another hideous left-wing anti-fascist, anti-capitalist has arrived!

I am a bisexual firearms-owner who steadfastly believes that everyone should be allowed to use as many recreational substances as they deem necessary. It's not hard to figure out.

I have a moderate level of Civic Literacy. I use multiple news aggregators to keep myself informed, but I abhor right-wing news rags like Breitbart.

I'm going like this goup alot.

Thank you very much for making this group!

I have arrived.

342593 While we are saying everything we support, I am a classically liberal, anarcho-capitalist, whom is christian, but get's why one would be atheist or agnostic, and also refuses to take side on the abortion debate.

342592 as opposed to command economy socialism

Hi everypony! I'm a a heterosexual feminist pro-choice pro-LGBTQ hippie Christian pacifistic capitalistic socialist.

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