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You shouldn't write Porn about Childrens Media!

Seriously! I used to turn a blind eye when I was young but the sheer amount of messed up stuff put in online spaces about this pony show probably messed up many kids.

And for the love of god years later I find out this site just has allowed actual depiction of minor characters in p**nographic writing?! WHY? That should never be tolerated!!! Seriously! P**n of kids media is already bad, throwing on top of that f*t*shization of child characters and its rock bottom morality and I believe Illegal.

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I never decide to "leave" a site, as it makes me feel inclined to stay away. I just take haituses based on what I feel is more important.

1354055 I've actually decided to leave fimfiction, but I'm still coming back to finish my stories and check up on any good new stories "if there are any." Sadly I don't believe there are, so I'll wait for all my favorites to dry up and then leave.


Oh, hello.

I am actually taking writing classes to get on that. And looking back at all of my stories here...
My god they suck.

I would be interested to hear more of what you could help me with though.

Oh you haven't been on for a week. Was going to offer to teach you better writing techniques, mainly you can do them, you're just not putting enough into detail. I could see that on some of your stories. I can help you with that.

Anyway, when you return just PM me or respond to my comment for an answer.

1064248 Not sure what happened but I assume it was a collab advertisement for your stories that he offered. In that case, fuck him. People earn likes through hard work.

Oh hey, I found your profile through that guy who left a lot of comments on your stories or whatever. Yeah saw your comment on his profile.

I'm going to look over some of your stories now, then get back to you.

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