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Raven of the Teen Titans has long been a closet pegasister. She was introduced to Friendship is Magic by Beast Boy and Starfire and - although she is loathe to admit it - she enjoyed it. She especially identified with the character of Twilight Sparkle. What with Twilight's enjoyment of reading, talent in magic, and unexpected but life changing friendships, it felt like Raven's own life mirrored and sugarcoated onto a world of pastel colored ponies. Even Twilight's friends reminded Raven of her own to a certain extent.
When she wakes up one morning in Twilight Sparkle's body with no idea how this happened or how to fix it, she begins to think she identified with her a little too well.
Now trapped in the plot of the series from the beginning, she has to find away to fix this, find out what happened to the real Twilight, and at the same time save all of Equestria. At least she has some friends to help, right?


Crossover idea inspired by the fact that these two characters share the same voice actor, Tara Strong. Originally, it was just an idea I played with for fun, but I have a serious - and frightening - plot for it. Dark for later chapters.

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wait so they were all put there in the first episode :derpytongue2: WHAAAAA

Soo...eh...I think it would've been better if the Titans DIDN'T know all about the FiM universe. Would've made for some wacky hijinks. :applejackunsure:


-Facial Expressions-:rainbowhuh::rainbowderp::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:
Moar! Moar! :rainbowkiss:MOAR!:rainbowdetermined2:


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Seems promising, I’ll have to keep an eye on this one.

That ending. :pinkiegasp:

So I think I can tell who's going to be who:

Robin will likely be Applejack even though that means he's not the leader.

Beast Boy will undoubtly be Pinkie Pie because he's as crazy as she.

Star Fire I'm pretty sure will be Fluttershy but it's possible she could end up as Rarity and that other girl could end up as Fluttershy.

Cyborg has to be Rainbow Dash because he's just that awesome.

So yeah, my profile on FF.net exists because the last fan fiction I was writing was Teen Titan. Insta fav. :raritystarry:


Teen Titans? In Equestria? Including Raven, the same voice actor of Twilight Sparkle, Tara Strong? :pinkiegasp:

I would like to see how this goes! :pinkiehappy:
I will read it later and get back to it, I promise.

And then the fit hit the shan :pinkiehappy:

Hmm... I was actually quite bored and thought that this was going to be simply a MLP rewrite with Raven in Twi's body... Though the characterization wasn't bad and I think you've gotten Raven's character down.. though i expected her to be more pessimistic.

Then... you gave us the twist... Oh... freaking god... Titans in Mane Six bodies...

Question. Raven is TS and you have four other Titans as other mane six ponies... that leaves one left over and Spike... are you bringing Terra into this?

Oh and nice coverart.

Who's numero seis? Terra? Red X? Aqualad? Or Spike still Spike? Tune in next time, I suppose.

Lol the fact that Raven identifies with Twilight. It is perfect, just perfect. Love that so much!

I think Starfire better represents the element of Laughter. I'd peg BB as Spike. I assume a few members of Titan East round out their little party. Heaven help us if control freak is in there somewhere. :pinkiesick:

Buck that witch! :twilightangry2:
Gimmie Bumble bee.

Hey. Hey! Hey, author guy! Put in Static and Gear as background ponies. I wanna see that. :pinkiehappy:

Great chapter and awesome story. So i'm guessing at least four of the others are the other Titans, but who are the other two?

Sorry, no Bumblebee.
I matched each Titan character to a FiM character based on personality or who they would identify with. And I've only got one Rainbow Dash to work with.

This is only the second crossover fic I actually enjoyed. Next chapter, please!

Curiously weird, but definitely rather curious to see how these differences will play out!

I knew that there would be a Teen Titans crossover at some point. Well, at least a GOOD Teen Titans crossover.

Okay. First? Whoever you are, whatever you are, you are awesome and I love you for this story. Now, speculation.

Applejack = Cyborg (he's the muscle and I seem to recall that he's the one who does the cooking)
Pinkie = Pinkie, still.
Rainbow = Robin (most athletic)
Fluttershy = Starfire (because yes. I defy you to tell me they don't sound alike)

and since I can't imagine BB to be Rarity, I have to assume that he's been dropped into Spike.

There are a few holes in this theory (Spike giving out his life story), but this is my final answer.

Survey says?

:yay: A start of an interesting crossover!!

can't wait to see where this'll go. :rainbowkiss:

2265783 I don't really see how Starfire could represent Laughter. Remember one episode where she was the unintended victim one of Beast Boy's pranks and was so mad with Beast Boy that she refused to talk him? Plus she was the only one who saw through Mother May I's rouse when she first showed up, she had to knock some sense into her friends to get them to snap out of their trances.

Awww.... Picture was miss leading D: Thought it was going to be the titans in Equestria turned into ponies! :fluttercry:

Seriously? SERIOUSLY? The two best cartoons ever combined into one story?

*Commences read


Her train of thought was broken as the six watching her spoke one word in unison... in familiar and unexpected voices.

also in regards to this story as a whole so far



Okay, finished the chapter. All I have to say is...

2266421 ...Did you not even read this? :facehoof:

I REALLY want an update like...about now :ajsmug:

2266421 At the end of the first chapter is when the rest turn into the mane six, I'm guessing, considering that it happened just after her demonic magic flared, and they knew her name.

That was awesomely awesome. Do continue this story.

It's obvious that Robin and Cyborg watch the show

Dat twist...
So all seven of them have to act? Can they avoid most of the issues in the show?
What happened to the ponies and the lizard? Are there any other characters body-switched? If there are, what will they do?


whose the extra one I wonder? There are 5 titans, but 6 ponies...

:pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp: I KNEW IT!!! I WAS ABOUT TO MAKE THE FANFIC MYSELF but someone already has it covered!:ajsmug: :yay: So, beast boy is a changeling? What next? Chrysalis abducts him and makes sure he doesn't leave without paying the price?:rainbowkiss::rainbowlaugh::rainbowdetermined2:

I'm, LOVING THIS!!! Alright, I have no idea who the other two characters are. Moreover, I'm not too sure I care, as I'm willing to bet this doozy will end all doozies!! Plus, let's face it, in Equestria, the Ponies Pwn you! :rainbowwild:

Meh, I just can't wait to see more of this, Raven being Celestia's student, moreover a student of an apologetic Celestia that seems far more personable and even reasonable than cannon? I foresee much awesomeness...moreover, if this is a case of past-life recall for Twilight, who USED to be Raven, and the other Titans being re-united bringing back their memories...excuse me, I need to have my grin sergically removed. And even if that's not the case, hell this set-up is the stuff of dreams!!:eeyup:

Just making Raven a Pegasister made my day! You have my unending loyalty for this!:pinkiehappy:

Best of luck, and know your following will be legendary!!:yay:

so they ALL got mixed in?!? oh shit....what if Slade got Discord or Sombra?:twilightoops:

or for that matter, i wonder how the real mane six are doing in "where-ever-the-hell-teen-titans-takes-place"...

2266899 obviously pinkie is the only one not switched, even if a new conscious tried to take over her body it would immediately be converted into another physics defying, crazy mare :pinkiehappy:

well, I know nothing about teen titans aside from 1,5 episodes I saw and a couple of Zone .swf's but you got my vote and fave.

Instant fave. This was my childhood here. Now Beast Boy is best Titan and Pony. Can't wait to read.

Edit: reads discretion. still instant fave.

2266834 I am sorry. Just read this now and one hell of a doffy in the end :pinkiehappy:

Lacking description, exploding with possibilities of where the plot could go. Faved, Liked, Waiting for more.

Also, I like how you named the chapter. It reminds me of how episodes were named in the actual teen titans.

I expect cool shit with the storyline. Go on and write some moar for my face to read.

terra maybe? i mean, sure shes a statue (last time i checked as i havent seen the series in ages and i dont think i watched all of it) but its magic for fucks sake so maybe?

whoa whoa whoa whoa WHOA! Hold the phone!

Teen Titans crossover?

I have yet to even read the description, but you sir have already earned my deepest respect.

You beat me to it and my Terra Crossover, not the smae idea but still GRRRRRRRRRR also... MOAR! :flutterrage:

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