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I fooled you. I fooled you. I got horse stories. I got horse stories. I got all horse stories.


Pinkie Pie's been to a lot of weird places, but Gravity Falls is the weirdest yet!

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The crossover that everyone wanted. The crossover that everyone needed.

P-ponies... a-and Gravity Falls? PONIES AND GRAVITY FALLS?! I just want you to know... that I love you. I haven't even read this yet... but even if it happens to be terrible(I really, really doubt it will be), I will adore it. I NEEDED this.

Going on my read later list for now.

Dude... how? I literally took a peek at every story on the front page, and you've commented on all of them already. All of them.

1640580 I've got toomuchfreetimeitus. It's pretty deadly.

(I actually like that show more than MLP.)

Yep, this is pretty good.
I have been consider writing a crossover of this myself, but I don;t think I can write the characters that well.

Please do continue this.

Gravity Falls? Insta-like

This gives me an idea to write my own crossover....

"I respect it so much I let my niece play with light artillery!"

You, sir/ma'am, have NAILED it.



It helps to write him when I had a grandfather that was pretty much real-life Grunkle Stan.

Got some typos you oughta correct:

After one particularly forceful headbutt, Gummy wobbled and fell from the window, landing on his back.
Dipper outlined a plan where he would stand in Waddles' way, which would cause the pig to turn around.

Aside from that, cute story, got me to laugh a few times. I love both shows, so this was an easy read for me. Also, "Friendship is Supernatural" is the name of an MLP/Supernatural crossover video I made. Seeing the title along with Mabel confused my brain a bit.


Thanks for the comment and the corrections! I'm terrible at finding typos. :facehoof:

...You kidnapped one of the writers to write Stan's lines, didn't you?

Anyway, this fic is wonderful. I did need it.

6/5 Mustaches. You sir, are a hero,


I prefer the term 'Moustachonishing.' :moustache:

Discord, Queen Chrysalis and King Sombra would all come back at the same time.

This is great, aside from a couple of errors, keep it up!

hehe, Waddles...
"That'll do pig, that'll do."

Dude, are you actually one of the Gravity Falls writers in disguise? You've got the humor and the characters down perfect. I'm definitely following this. :pinkiehappy:


I love this post and I love this song and I love you in every homosexual way possible!!!


1663506 That's officially the cutest thing I have ever seen.


Hahaha seriously dude is there anything you don't have a Kurt Cobain quote for? :derpyderp2:

1663656 Nope. :rainbowkiss:
I don't have Kurt Cobain gifs for everything, though. :ajsleepy:

Epic characterization, great humor (It made me laugh out loud; It's very hard for a story to make me laugh) and an epic plotline. Waddles is about to get his own window in the castle. :moustache:

The things Gideon would do to be with Mabel... I don't know how the little munchkin plans to have a relationship with her though since he's a different species now. :twilightoops:

This was great, just as much fun as the first chapter! But I did notice a couple of things:

"She was wearing a light blue (and very oversized) blue sweater."
"♩ We'll have so much fun together, just you [wait?] and see! ♩"
Sorry if I seem persnickety, but I just thought you might wanna fix those.

Didn't Mabel smash the amulet into a bajillion pieces?
Other than that, I love it.


This be a different amulet.

Oh my god, so much hilarity. Moar!

Ah, this is getting interesting! Also, Mabel and Pinkie hanging out is the cutest thing ever.

Aww That felt so perfectly like an episode of Gravity Falls. Moustaches for all! :moustache::moustache::moustache:

Aw man, that ending was spectacular! It's true, this whole fic has the flavor of an actual Gravity Falls episode. Well done, friend! :pinkiehappy:

This was alright, but your descriptions of both characters and places are rather poor, to be honest. They're unnecessarily wordy in some areas, but always lacking in actual detail. You also seem to have a bit of an issue with continuity (i.e. How did Pinkie get downstairs to talk to the Cakes without using her door? How did she exit the mineshaft if it had collapsed?). I feel like you could handle issues like these if you spend some more time focusing on your story; play it out in your head and translate what you see and hear to the page. A lot of things just gave me the impression that you didn't do that. Even little things like Pinkie shouting "Gummmmmmy!"; listen to that in your head and try and tell me that extending the consonant rather than any vowels doesn't sound weird.

On the brighter side, your characterizations were pretty decent, especially in the case of (as everyone's already pointed out) Grunkle Stan. I'll withhold a like/dislike until I read the rest of what's here so far.

Okay, I think I've got to stop here. I've seen this too many times before: the author, seemingly having run out of good ideas, just has the characters running around engaging in random mischief. That's just about the most painfully boring kind of "plot" to me, so I'm off. Good luck on your future work.


Have a Twist before you go. :twistnerd:


No really for the love of God take them. I've got a warehouse full of these and they're freaking worthless. :twistnerd::twistnerd::twistnerd::twistnerd::twistnerd::twistnerd::twistnerd::twistnerd::twistnerd::twistnerd::twistnerd::twistnerd:

Perfect ending!! And Soos sence? Omg!!! I loled:pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh:

That was a hilarious story. Characterization couldn't have been more perfect, and the humor was over the top.
You even ended it at a part where I wouldn't end up demanding more; the ending was perfect. :twilightsmile:

This had better not be your last comedy fic, because you are very good at that genre.

I give this fic 5 mustaches out of 5. :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

And I give you these, NO BACKSIES

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