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*group dedicated to adding stories about Twilight eating peaches adds my story about a giant pineapple eating Twilight*


That was the most glorious thing my eyes have ever gazed upon.

I'm surprised that
Twilight Sparkle Shares a dangerously Large Peach with a Dashing Black Man
By MarineMarksman hasn't been added to this group yet.

Comment posted by gone away deleted Feb 26th, 2014

341472 Ok then. Thanks.

341465 It came because if this blog post. The examples of how to use the new tagged story ability used a made up title of Twilight Sparkle eats a Peach. And every pony ran with it.

I am genuinely curious as to where this came from. Would anyone be so kind as to tell me where it came from? Is it a reference to something in the show that I missed?


Ah, the whims of the fandom. Seeing as how most of our beloved memes and characters came from brief, almost unnoticeable occurrences, I don't see how this irritated so many people. After all, we've lived through Gak, Twilicane, Derpy Hooves, and numerous other explosively popular aspects of our love for this community.

At first I didn't even know where the peach meme had come from, and it drove me crazy not knowing. Then I read Ob's blog posts and found out that I had been there for the birth of the whole thing and not even noticed until it had grown so huge. Much like how I missed the Twilicane reference because I was too busy ogling Discord in that particular scene...

Either way, I'm thrilled to see that the fandom behaves pretty much the same way here on FimFiction as it does on MLB or Tumblr or the internet in general. Something about seeing this happen firsthand makes me feel like I'm part of a strong community, and it's nice to know that we can all have ourselves a bit of fun without really hurting anypony (Aside from butthurt, but that's a tad different I believe).

In conclusion, I have one thing I'd like to say.


I never said I took all the blame...

Anyway the followers of the great Peach must share our burdens equally.

SO all these was just sparked off by a blog post? I dont know whether to bang my head against the desk or laugh out loud at our beloved fandom's antics. :twilightsheepish:


Ah! I did look at that mod blog, but I thought they had just taken one of the newly published stories as an example

341074 Nope, no real clop, just heavily implied sexuality courtesy Rarity.

Also, there are two gore fics thus far. The third entry in my collection, and Dashie_Rising's fourth story.

You know, when it comes right down to it I must admit...

I actually prefer pears.


Ah. I've never taken the mature filter off, so based on the subject matter, I assumed it was clop. I doubted there's be hardcore gore in a fic about peaches.

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