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Crab Spy

An idiot from Hawaii who likes multi-colored, talking ponies.

Cats! Meow.

About this sentient life form:

- 16 years of age
- From the state of Hawaii
- Thinks Rarity is best pone
- Likes Shipping, Sad, and Slice of Life stories
- Is (most of the time) a kind and compassionate person
- Will fave pretty much any story that catches my attention
- Is an absolute horrid writer

Thanks for stopping by!

WELCOME! ... Wait, why are you here?

I don't know why you clicked on my profile seeing as how I've made probably the smallest impact on the FiM Fiction community out of pretty much anyone... ever.

But, oh well. You're here regardless... hey, want some coffee? ... No? You don't drink coffee? Ah, ok, that's fine, me neither :)


Have some best ship.

Crab Spy approved!

White Diamonds = Best L'artiste

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Thanks for joining The Creature group. Since you did that im following you. Have a good life :heart::heart:


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