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The Pink Mugsy

Caffeine's not even a drug and I still have a problem.

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Yes, I agree!

One eternity later

Name three people who've been gone for two years and then suddenly comes back. Heck, even some games consider you dead after a few months absence. Go ahead and try to disprove that this person's gonna come back, you'll probably end up with the same problem as I am. I just consider that him being absent for a year or two is more likely than him straight up appearing out of no...

What's up fools!

Actually, I'm just kidding, but at least we can still pretend she's still him, and write fanfiction about him without him knowing...

Say whaaaaat!:pinkiegasp::twilightangry2:

And stop pretending I don't exist!!!!:flutterrage:

At least we still have seeker9709 and the Parasprite. Well, not sure about seeker though...

2444400 Technically, we haven't proven that he's never coming back until he never comes back, so if you want to prove that he's not coming back, we'll have to wait an eternity :rainbowwild:

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