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Silly love between two silly ponies.

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2. Promoting your story is allowed as long as it has something to do with CheesePie.
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4. Have fun! :)

Failure to comply with any of these rules will warrant you a warning first. And if broken again, a ban second.

I sincerely hope everyone who joins this group enjoys this ship as much as I do!

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CheesePie Forever mates

347447 what does that mean? :scootangel: (as you can see, I am a huge fan of the scootangel emoticon.):scootangel:

Imagine what Cheese would have done in the MMM episode. :scootangel:


You and me both, buddy! :pinkiesmile:


Um, ok. :rainbowlaugh:

I just now watched the episode, and I already adore this ship. can't wait to see some fics for this.

That pie gave me a cheesegasm.

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