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A group dedicated to fans of the lovable, muscular enhanced pegasus stallion, Bulk 'Snowflake' Biceps. Also previously dubbed by the fandom as Roid Rage.

Please place stories in its suitable folder.


1. Be nice to each other.
2. Promoting your story is allowed, as long as it's not overdone, and is about BB or has him in it.
3. Heavy swearing and mature content is not permitted outside of its designated folder. Light swearing is acceptable.
4. Have fun~ :raritywink:
Failure to comply with any of these rules will warrant you a warning first, and if broken again, a ban second.

Enjoy your stay!

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Hello fellow 7 members! Once every blue moon i will suggest a story that has bulk biceps, let it be finished, unfinished, has him as a main character, side character, etc. because there is absolutely NO activity going on over here. Dont worry if you dont feel like clicking on the link and not read the author's own summary as i can give you a brief synopsis and briefly describe on how Bulk plays his role of it myself. May I disclaim that my synopsis are not good either (lols).

Applejack's Tax Relief Plan by Seether00

This is a story about Applejack trying to save her farm from tax collectors as she has failed to do her taxes correctly. Big Mac plays a big role in it because he'll be the main source of income to help pay it off. How? By being the main target of a paid voyeur show run by the Apple family (Granny smith not included). This is a comedic story that's based satire portrayal of taxes in general, mostly the first half anyways. Later half is the author description of most of the mane 6 and others enjoying said show. How does this relate to Bulk? Because he takes the role of being part of the final event, then later becomes a target of unwanted (or wanted) attention. BTW, this is an older fic, like end of season 2 when it was submitted, so this a speculative (amusing) portrayal of BB when he was a background character.

Thus i end my whole synopsis so i hope you enjoy the story

Thanks! Didn't think about that. :twilightoops:

I've made the proper changes.

quick question, do stories with him as a side character count? if so should we make a new folder where he isn't a main character but a supporting role?



I'd hate to be doing something wrong, so, uh, looks like you're getting banned, bro. :fluttercry:



That's awesome! Thanks a lot, man. I've credited you in the description. :raritywink:

This groups exisits?! YEAH! :flutterrage:


If you haven't banned anyone yet, then yes, you are doing something wrong.:rainbowwild:

here you go.
I decided to remove Rarity, Twilight, and the HUB logo from the scene so it was just Bulk.
You like it?

I'll see if I can whip something up in Photoshop.:moustache:

If anyone can help me find (or make :trixieshiftright:) a banner for this group, I'd very much appreciate it.

This is my first time managing a group, so please tell me if I'm doing something horribly wrong, as I most likely am. :unsuresweetie:

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