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Name: Do you really need to know? Just call me Limelight02.
Age: Teen
Gender: Female
Dream Job: Robotic Engineer
About Me: I am from the USA, and live in a state that revolves around farming and livestock, and live on a farm; (who would have guessed?) I write stories, other than MLP fanfics, and enjoy reading, writing, and art. I am a straight-A student and a bit of a perfectionist. I like drawing anime and MLP characters. I am most like Twilight Sparkle, loving to read, make list, and have everything go smoothly. I have glasses that ties my nerdy look all together. I am friends with everyone I meet and am a teensy, weensy bit crazy. I am always there for help, so just PM me if you need anything!


You Know What's Fun? · 9:52pm Feb 26th, 2015

This. This is fun. This website. So, if you're reading this, congrats, you're officially fun.

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