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I blow stuff up 4 fun, enjoy poetry that doesn't annoy me, have recently joined the broney army, love lesbians but hate it when gay guys do their thing in front of me, I'm 18 & out of my phyche ward!

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Poetry and Symethry · 9:12am Sep 7th, 2014

Hey ya'll this is SUBJECT-XVI! XD anywho I'm posting this blog to get rid of some of my vast occumulation of poems, rhymes, lymris, and sonets that I created while in a mental hospital (I got out around 3 months ago and am currently on a 5 yr. probation) and thought that it would be a good idea to spread my special brand of insanity throughut the world! I will not be putting them in any form of format because I am too lazy so if you want to good ahead be my guest send it to me and I'll repost

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Living My Life

Hello Everyone! This is SUBJECT-XVI (No Duh Right?) I'm writing this to give you all (Especially my Faithful Followers) a short little view into the life of ME!!!!!!!!! Yay. Exciting isn't it? No? You wouldn't think so. But let's save that judgment for later. Okay! Intro time!

My Real Name is: (Portion Deleted) (What did you honestly think I was Going to tell you?)

I was Born mid-flight from good old California to New York where my mother and father would have caught a flight to the good old Deutschland! Yes that's right I'm German worse yet I'm the poster boy for the Arian Race. Fun right? It's not.

Childhood: I was Raised deep in the heart of Germany in (Not telling you where stop trying to figure it out!) where I was all but tortured by a bunch of kids whose parents where ass holes who thought that my parents were Nazi sympathizers or some shite like that. The End Result? 12 near death beatings, 6 broken arms, 3 fractured skulls, and 1 knife to my back. Yes it got That bad with the last one being why we moved back to America when I turned 12.

American Childhood: In America my life got a lot better. But at the same time worse. At 13 I got my first girlfriend who I stayed with until my 16th birthday where she sent me a Sex-tape of her and her new Boy friend as a break up note to me in my cell (More about the cell later)
I was around a lot of people who said they were my friends but actually only kept me around because I had money. I found out at my 15th birthday party where I over heard them. they'd thought I was outside greeting some of my family who'd come over. 6 months later my Mother died from Cancer.

November 18 2010: On this day almost 16 years of emotional and physical torture cam to a peak and I finally snapped. Taking the Brand new car I'd been given for my last birthday, and popped the clutch and drove off a bridge. I survived the crash/drowning (obviously), after 3 months of being a vegetable (I was in a coma, something got messed up from the crash and the doctors didn't want to take any chances) and I was taken into custody after a week of recovering and was put under Psyche evaluation where it was discovered that I suffered from acute Depression, Insomnia, and was well on my way into Psychosis (something that honestly should have happened years before). and two weeks later I was administered into (Not Telling) Hospital for the Clinically insane. Yes that's right I was put into a Psyche ward.

For the next 3 years I spent that time fazing in and out of clarity to full blown insanity. And it was during the first term of this 3 years that I received that tape from earlier. That particular tape was responsible for my second attempt at suicide. Shortly after this incident the doctors at the Clinic decide that Poetry was a good outlet for me (Seeing as I wrote my suicide note in stanza (Which you can read in my blogs)) and set me on paper and ink immediately. And everyday for the rest of those three years I toiled away at my new meaning for life and wrote some pretty amazing stuff (yay shameless self promotion). It was this new drive for poetry that help encourage the rise of MPD for me. Yes there are voices in my head. No they are not all whispering for me to go into a homicidal rage. Yes there are a few but the others make a habit of proverbially slapping me on the back of the head when I start to consider listening to those particular voices. Should I be worried about having DID? At first I was but now not so much. They have become the brothers I'd never had and I trust each of them to at least try to help me keep my head on straight.

Present: Now I have once again rejoined the rest of the human race! Should you be worried? Probably. XD Joking aside if I do start to flip out again I'll make an attempt to do so in private. I have a loving girlfriend in my Cousin (Not related by blood), I have my own job, real friends for the first time, and the rest of you guys here on fimfiction! Things are definitely looking up for me! I don't know if my story will end with an "And They Lived Happily Ever After". But here's to hoping! :pinkiesmile:


Anthem of the Banshee · 10:08am Oct 25th, 2015

I have returned from my long, long, long, loooong. Absence. I was depressed for a while (I'm not anymore my GF and some of my Amazing Friends (Fable Linked and Amanda and Ermis Green to name a few of them) made sure of that. Anyway I wanted to do something special and post one of my "Nicer" Anthems for you guys! I hope you enjoy it! Also Check on Unseeing Eyes sometime this week! If all goes well there should be a new chapter!

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Thank you for the Favourite on Touching Senses! I'm glad you enjoyed the read!:pinkiehappy:

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1670201 true but then you miss all the fun of how you are systematicly moved around

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