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Welcome Bambi Fans! This is a group for those who are fans of Disney's Bambi, or any of the characters in Bambi's universe. Faline, Thumber, Flower, et cetera. You can be a fan of either the original 1942 classic, or the 2006 sequel, Bambi II. Or both! It doesn't matter either way! Or, you don't even have to be a fan at all, if you're just interested in the stories. We hope our collection will keep you entertained.
(That is, when we actually collect a collection. :twilightsheepish:)

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A Bambi/MLP crossover about Bambi's daughter and Thumper's son.

Long Description:

Lily is Bambi's daughter and is very proper and kind. Her friend Needles, Thumper's son, is a rebel and has enough curiosity to kill a dozen cats. When they find a new discovery, it flips their world upside down.

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391504 Thank you for the link. :pinkiesmile:

I have a group called Bronies for Life and I'm looking for new members. If you are interested, just tap the link. Thank you!

390385 Not a problem. :twilightsmile: I have to go for now, talk to you later.

390384 :pinkiehappy: yay.
I'm really glad. thank you

390383 Oh, you're very welcome. :scootangel:

390382 letting me help...
and to put my name in the special thanks list above

390381 For what exactly?

390378 cool. I'll keep an eye open too. okay?

390377 Doesn't seem like it would be fair with just one judge, so if I don't submit anything, or if someone else doesn't volunteer, I'll judge.

390376 cool. or else, I'll be the only judge... or maybe I can find someone..

390375 Hmm. I could possibly be a judge, but that depends on when I know for certain if I'm going to write anything or not for the contest. But chances are that I'm not going to submit anything. So with that being the case, I just may.

390373 Uh I don't think so. Besides the fact that we may need one more judge.

390372 well, any other problems or so.... I don't know

390371 What do you mean?

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