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i like lion king and lion king 2 hey may be you can make displaced's or crossovers what not a that and romance and sex again a that

Taking a long break again or decided to leave the fandom?

2264754 He's definitely up there, the Lion King is probably my all-time favorite movie!

2264434 Sweet, thank you. Is Scar one of your favorite characters?

2261952 Yup! It's working :D

2261922 Thanks for the heads-up, I'll have to reupload it.

EDIT: I think it's fixed now.

2261881 No it's not working for me either, I think you might have a broken link or something.

2261799 I'm glad you're having fun. By the way, is my avatar appearing for you? Right now I can't see it for some reason, I don't know if it's the site of if it's on my end.

2261682 Yeah, for me it's just working, buuut it's fun work so I can't complain :)

2261371 About the same, busy, but spending time with family as well.

2260246 Busy, but it's been awesome! How about you?

2260240 How have you been?

Guess busy life again? :rainbowlaugh:

2087641 Lol, thank you! I hope to get a review in a few days and hopefully post the next chapter! I might actually have a reason to keep going at my fanfic with all these supportive people. ^-^

2087638 No problem :D Glad to see you're off to a good start so far! Keep it up and have fun! (Oh, and welcome to FimFiction :D)

Thank you so kindly for the fave and watch! =D

  • Viewing 518 - 537 of 537
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