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‘Twas the midmost of winter and into the town was a place where laughter, and cheer could be found. Ponies roamed through the streets with smiles on their faces, seeing bakeries, toy stores and other neat places.
But this is the part where the story gets weird, for this year's Hearth's Warming turns out worse than they feared. When Ponyville is introduced to its newest invader, a man dressed in black whose name is Darth Vader.

Written for the Hearth's Warming Eve Hearth's Warming Contest! (2nd Place :D)


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featured on 12/20/14!

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*dies laughing*

Wanderer D

I approve.


“I find your lack of sorrow and gloom quite disturbing!

I LOVE YOU! You even did it in rhyme!

but not a pony was harmed for their shots had all missed.

So true.

for he felt something inside that he had never felt before.

Well I wouldn't say never, he wasn't always Darth Vader after all.

and he knelt down beside her with an expression so silly.

What expression? He's got a mask.:trollestia:

I love this. This should win, for sure.

If I could make more Darth Approves in the favorites category, I would add this to all of them.

5405588 XD XD Thanks Europa!

5405595 XD Thanks! I had a feeling you'd like it :D

I read the poem with this playing. It's so damn fitting. XD You earned a fave, like, and follow.

5405601 it mentions Star Destroyers. Of course I'll like it. :rainbowlaugh:

5405603 XD That really does fit!

5405606 XD XD XD

5405608 Darth Vader after all. I'm dying...

And then the filly ended up hurting herself because if you're not a Force user, there's no way you'll be able to handle the weight.

Loved it! Faved!

5405650 XD XD Thanks a bundle :D

This is simply beyond wonderful.

5405707 :D Thanks! And also thanks for the follow :D

5405720 Bwahaha! XD XD Thank :D

5405751 :D :D :D I Freakin' love this video :D

5405751 reminds me of Dance off with the Star Wars Stars

5405763 XD I love all of those too XD

5405766 Vader and his boys always seem to win

Oh how my heart leaps to hear such approval
your words to me are self-doubt removal
perhaps the characters were a bit out of key
it's a problem with the tale, I have to agree
it could have been better, this I will admit,
but writing in rhyme is just hard as shit!

XD Thanks again mate :D

I am reading your text with the narrator from the grinch...

5405987 It took quite a few hours that's for sure... Some friends of mine told me about the Hearth's Warming contest two days before the deadline so I scrambled to put this together XD

5405992 XD Great choice :D

5406006 it was a late night XD

5406013 Suddenly your avatar pic makes a lot more sense:twilightoops:

This was definitely a great story to read. I love how the whole story's a poem, has clever rhymes, and contains a great message about Hearth's Warming. :scootangel:

5406027 Bwahaha! XD yeah.

5406028 Thanks man :D

Steeling the holidays brought him less joy then expected.

by steeling these gifts and spreading nothing but terror.

This is a splendid story, I must say,
but the correct term is 'stealing', with the letter 'a'.

This seems like MLP met Star Wars and the Grinch and made this ridiculously weird fic.

Have an audio reading!
Hopefully it wasn't flubbed up too many times...:twilightsheepish:

They dashed store to store as quick as could be
in search for some gifts to put under the tree.

Creative rhyming: check.

The key to happiness he had learned this day
was to love all your neighbors in the old pony way.

Adorable moral: check (also, am I the only one who caught the pun in there?) 28.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_llj233vCD71qc89r5o1_500.jpg
5405588 I agree. I spotted ALL dem errors( as well, DONT SASS YOUR UNCLE![im sorry I had to. :rainbowlaugh:])

This is insane.

I loved it. :pinkiecrazy:


Already trolling my anti-brony, pro-starwars friend with this... great job!

umm... after reading this again, isnt it dangerous to be giving a filly a lightsaber?

Quick, someone link the Star Wars Christmas Special!

5406136 I challenge you to a fanfic reading duel!

Let the games begin. :trixieshiftright:

Twilight was awe struck, Pinkie Pie had a fit,

Rarity fainted, and Rainbow Dash lost her shit.


The ponies stopped in their tracks and looked to the heavens,
and watched in horror as Imperial ships descended.
Tie fighters rained down from the sky at an angle
Launching out of the Star Destroyer, the mighty triangle!

The only two rhymes in the story that made me cringe.

Also, twice you put "steeling" instead of "stealing" and:

and they pointed their guns in the ponies direction.

Should be an apostrophe at the end of ponies.

All in all, a great Christmas Crossover.

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