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At the moment, we don't have a picture or banner until someone makes one.

If your OC is a race not described, or you just know of a race that's not there, leave a comment and I'll make a thread.

Also, the point of this group is for people who write stories and need an OC can easily find one, well, once this group get bigger.

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I have an OC from an anime that I love, so I hope that's okay:raritywink:!

367010 Is that an OC? Make some info on it, and post it into Alicorn!

366978 Alright, so I'll make a buffalo folder and if you feel like it, you can add them into the folder.

OCs? Yes, I've written about a few. Mostly ponies, though Gathers Herbs and Chief Tumbling Weed are buffaloes.

366975 Nice, put it in a group if your want it to eventually be in a story.

366973 Wow, not even done with the group and already got a member.... You got an OC?

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