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Writers wanted, hopefully alive. Post what ever kind of story that you want to post.

1.) No cyber-bullying
2.) Don't hate on someone's writing. Just give them the pros and cons then be on your merry way.
3.) Don't read something if you know you are going to hate on it.

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Greetings, I'm CedarCreek, but you can call me Cedar, I'm quite new here, well i just found this today, i figured since im new here, i thought, i say hello and see how things work here! I've been a Author since 2018, and i been a Artist for longer. I hope to make new friends!!

Is there a group where I can have someone else write my story for me and I just give a small amount of input? Idrc about getting credit.

389075 Good enough for me. :pinkiehappy:

388848 If you know what you're doing then yes, that totally counts :rainbowkiss:

388843 Well, I've published a novella and an e-book, and I'm running an author's blog off-site. Does that count? :twilightsheepish:

386066 uh.... Well if you've been writing for a while or like you've made multiple different test books than you're experienced.

Quick question. What exactly defines "experienced" in this group?

Do any of you think that my Family of Misfits story is considered "experienced" now?

Hey, Jay Sky OC! Thought I'd join your group and plunk down a few stories in the "Experienced" folder.

well, the one that is there now seems legit :moustache:

Banners are so confusing :rainbowhuh:

377209 no point really, just to share your stories with people ^-^

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