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Yay Warrior cats I love toughs books

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Fandom I'm good with:
2ptalia / 2p Hetalia
Dark / Evil Hetalia
Nyo Hetalia
2p Hetalia Nyo
Undertale universes
FNAF 1-5
YouTuber Alter egos
Skip Beat
Warrior Cats
Minecraft FNAF / Daycare Horror
Supernatural High School
7 deadly sins (Vocaloid / anime ... etc)
Black Butler
Detective Conan / Case Closed
Fairy Tail
And so much more!

If you want to collab with me / write a story together on one of these topics, PM me because I'm happy to do so!

I am a mentor/crtic. I can help you with your stories as I have experience in many genres. Do not hesitate to contact me asking to review stories. Here is some info that is important for you to know:

Number one: My schedule varies every day so don't be upset if I'm not on consistently

Number two: My timezone is Eastern or EST

Number three: I am comfortable with all genres and types. If it is anything specific then tell me what the story is about or what the show/book/movie is

Number four: I don't take rants or stories taht are poorly written and looks like there was no effort done on it. I am here to help you. Not help you write the entire story. The story must be at least one chapter long.

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