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It appears this group is a bit... Dead

392560 He has been forced to enjoy several of my stories too. Ratio is 20:2 on his account.
Maybe I should ive this a Crack *giggles*

373760 On second thought, maybe it is up for adoption? if so, I guess I will have a crack at that.

392528 You can find the staff ->here<-

Personally, I'd go with Obselescence. He's nice.

392521 He was forwarding my story Pink Copies and Costumes the other day. It is about all I know about the guy at this time. Feel free to investigate if you are curious *giggles*

The creator has been offline for long enough, I think.

I feel inclined to agree. Too many dead groups where the Creator/Owner isn't even around, what's the fun?
Maybe I should write a mod, butt, who do I call?

392520 I haven't seen Cheshire before.

The creator has been offline for long enough, I think. If you write a mod, the group can probably be yours. They hate dead groups and would welcome a revival.

392518 If you prefer to call it Hostile, after the owner basically abandoned both Group and Page?
According to his page, he hasn't been there in 27 weeks. I don't know why, there wasn't that much to see.

Yet, for the sake of the Group, maybe we should make a move in order to see if we could Adopt it?

Speaking of, I seems to have attrected a new Moderator, unless I merely missed him before?
Have you seen Cheshire before?

Guess I am bound to see each and every one of them in turn.

392514 If the hostile takeover fails, you can always just create a new group.

392512 On second thought, not very likely the guy comes back in any positive role here.
From what I saw, the group couldn't really lose anything from me taking over.
Not so much because I would be an active reviewer, but it would be a life for the group at least.

The guy had a rant about how he is hating the Sparity ship fics. In canon, I guess the idea was a bad idea from the start, but the ship is canon, just go see the first ever Episode?

Maybe we should make the move to see if we could rescue/liberate the group?

392511 Best if you contact the founder. If he hasn't been on for a while, the admins can transfer this group to you.

392510 May be worth a try, wouldn't you think?

Though I wouldlove to see a folder for stories up for reviews too.

392508 Are you going to try to revive this dead group?

392502 Unless they banned me, I should still be there as well.

On the other hoof, when you find something you enjoy, don't let go.

392475 I sense a stalker in you. :pinkiecrazy:

373680 hell'O ^^ I guess we meet again?
373760 by the title, fic reviews. Just who is reviewing, and who's fics? :trixieshiftright:
This is a place.

What is this group even for?

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