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This group is designed to help make OC's more likable.

We'll accept all OC's.
If you have an OC, bring it here, so we can look it over and help make he or she better.

We will not attack OC's just for being something many hate, or for stealing a waifu.

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Comment posted by ScarletCrown deleted Nov 23rd, 2014

I posted up one of my own OCs, testing the watrs with what may-well be the MOST controversial of them all. Hope I didn't break some unwritten rule.

377898 make a thread about your OC and we'll take a look.

Is my O.C Good?:twilightsmile:

377871 most of us do, but not too much.



I might make an OC and test it here to see if it's Gary Stu or not. I tend to add a bit of Self Insertion into it. :twilightsheepish:

377869 no. Made so OC's can have a better shot at life.


Was this just in case Theater came back and wanted to make his OC better?

Thank Celestia I don't have any OCs

Group is Trending! :yay:

376768 I know mine probably does despite some lengths I'm trying to take to balance him out. Trying the old "wizard is good at spells but not so good at physical tactics" to see how well that works out.

376758 Sounds interesting.

376762 Even I have OC's that will need work.

Wonderful group idea that I can get behind. Over a long time of what could be considered professional RP across various games and sites. I've gotten quite a bit of experience with creating good original characters, and I'll be glad to share my knowledge with others.

When I continue my AU spin-off to My Mortal Big Brother, I'll defiantly becoming here. Crystal Sword (son of SA + PC) is born pegasus who becomes an alicorn sometime during his teen years. The story will focus on his awkward relationship with Shining after his ascension. My main concern is that I'm still sketchy about how the ascension occurs, or what level of power he's capable of (obviously a born pegasus won't know magic off the bat).

I feel like OC get really bad reps, when actually they require more creative thinking to pull off than taking characters from the show. With cannon character, we kind already have a clear picture in our heads as to who they may be.

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