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Only the OC Life Stories admins may join. This is for us to discuss ideas for the group. We will ban you from this group if you are not an admin (sorry about that).

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385595 Oh dear. That's not good.
Well I'll always find it a fun challenge, nevertheless.

385543 I almost killed myself cause of that class.
Congratulations! Your group has been judged, and was found to be new. The listing of it in the New Groups ensued as a consequence.

385539 Programming is fun, man. Difficult, but fun.

385538 I would do something, but I dropped out of programming.

385537 Nah, I'm not going to pester him. I'm just going to wait until I get home and write a userscript that does both of these things. He'll probably pay more attention to that. (He actually pays attention to the userscript group.)

385536 take it up with Knightly. I'm not getting on his bad side.

385534 Yeah, but I could implement both of those in a few minutes! I wouldn't even have to write any new code!

385533 we also have to remember, there are other issues on this site that requires his attention.

385531 I am well aware of that fact. But seriously, allowing users to send more than one PM at once isn't hard once you have the basic system down. And a forward button is even simpler. And a lot of other features could be borrowed from comments (such as the ability to reply to a specific one).

385530 hey, coding everything for a site is not that simple.

385529 They are a much bigger group. It is still silly though. It could be avoided if knighty just gave us a non-broken PM system.

Missing three others

385515 Twilight's Library has one.


*shrugs* Yeah, but it's so we can talk away from the other members without PMing everyone every time we have an idea.


Okay, the creation of a group to admin another group is kind of silly.

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