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Another update · 7:02pm Jan 16th, 2016

Hey its been a while since my last update, so I just wanted to let you guys know what's going on.

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Welcome to my Page

Drawing I did because I was bored

Swift Knight:

Swift is one of the new guards in Twilight's new castle. She is usually quiet and reserved, but can be very outspoken if she needs to. Swift Knight is also proficient in dual-wielding; her preferred choice of weapon is her twin daggers. She also doesn't like talking about her past to anypony, mostly because she is ashamed of what she used to do. She also has a soft spot for foals. Her cutie mark is a black rose.


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Thanks for following!

1925695 Hmm, that's typically for use on things like stories and such, you don't really need permission to set it as your personal avatar since it's not promoting any of your works.

1925615 I don't like using pics from devianart because you usually have to ask permission to use their pics. But I will definitely check them out.

1925597 I dunno, Deviantart usually has a decent amount of good Octavia pics, suggestive or not.

1925557 Thanks. I just picked this because it was the only picture of Octavia that wasn't sexual. It's kinda hard to find a good picture of your favorite character that isn't doing anything sexual sometimes.

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