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Following the destruction of the Collector Base, the crew of the Normandy-SR2 go their separate ways. One squadmate, an AI 'Geth' named Legion, is sent by the Geth Consensus to investigate the possibility of a Quarian attack. However, when Legion is discovered and forced to make an emergency jump through the Mass Relay, it finds itself in the most unlikely of places... Equestria.

At the same time, the ponies of Equestria are dealing with their own problems. A mysterious disease threatens to topple pony civilization, while tensions along the border are growing and could escalate into full blown war.

Join Legion in its journey in Equestria to both return to the Geth before the arrival of the Reapers, and to help the peaceful ponies who inhabit the world.

Notice: As of 9/12/2016, this fic has received comprehensive updates to grammar/spelling/sentence structure, with a few minor plot alterations. Enjoy!

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The concept looked potentially interesting. The execution, however, is definitely lacking, so far.

I'll see what you do next.

Heck yes can't wait for this story to get Updated. And I'm curious if you'll let any more Geth come to Equestria. Would be quite interresting to see a few Commando type Geth there.

Not bad. Idk about these robots. But I do hope that the story will continue without to much gore and with more of helping equestria then destroying it.

...You have our attention and we are on standby.

5155905 they are called geth they are Tim fans muff said

5155664 god i hope not legion is good enough or else there is only gonna be alot of celestia princess or luna princess

Provided Shepard was hypercompetent (and he probably was), wouldn't Legion be using a Widow? Or do you have other reasons for that?
Just a nitpick.

5160179 Completely forgot about the upgrades, thanks for reminding me!

This story is amazing man! I see no faults and I patiently wait for more :P

Very good! I hope the next chapter is as good as this one!



Use shorter ones.

Walls of text are not good.

Hmmm, wonder if pinkie might the first pony legion would speak to.

Next chapter needs more legion and more frontal conversastion then just waching. Good story o far but it shouldnt drag on with legion only collecting a census of the ponies

You should do so that in the next chapters you don't skip the character details. Like, on the chief medical. You didn't say Anything on how she looks like. You just skipped it, When making a story you will have to talk about how characters look like so we can knowledge the appearance of the character. Right now, I have no idea how she looks like, She could even be Slendermare for what I know. Also since I have No Clue about What legion is or what Geth and a relay is or the zero stuff then it will be hard for me to recognize characters if u don't give any info then the name or rank. Also needs more Socializing with the Ponies and Legion.

Sorry guys, I didn't see that likes were at 69 till just after I clicked it :[

This is written really well.

*gets to end of chapter* Wow, I can't wait for what happens ne-*sees ad in story under authors note*

Ooo, double update. Niiiice. I like where the story is going.

Adblock, and the "please don't block our ads" nags go away in one click.

Well, let's hope that things will go well.

If that thing comes back, and it’s violent, your strength will be needed. Any questions?”

*Raises hoof
Twilight: Yes?
Me: How do I get out of this chicken shit outfit?

Yay! More chapters! :rainbowkiss:

My only suggestion would be not naming Legion's Widow every time it's mentioned. Once or twice is fine, but it gets a bit cumbersome after a while. Just calling it a rifle or sniper rifle would help things flow just a teensy bit better. Otherwise, damn good story. I'm really impressed with how well you've put together both the MLP and Mass Effect elements, and how they interact with one another. It's all really well done.

Equis' land mass is not made up of a single super-continent. The official map of Equestria has an arrow in the eastern ocean, pointing right labeled as 'Yonder to gryphons. Also a super-continent does not indicate a young planet. Super-continents form and then break apart, Earth has had many over the years more details including a list of Earth's super-continents can be found here.

Lol " life detecting spells " those are going to be useless

"It is not something I can fully comprehend. I just know that it is not natural, and it is disrupting the flow of harmony."

I find this incredibly foreboding.

God I love this story so much!

Very good! I hope that he'll be able to successfully conduct peaceful relations with the Ponies.

Well let's hope they don't do the 'burn the witch', otherwise things may go downhill.

Thus Legion had to wait for a long boredful time.....Which is no problem for Legion of course

It was not very thick, offered ample protection around the stomach, and shined very brightly, making stealth a difficult task.

The phrasing here is awkward, and "ample" is probably the wrong word.
"Ample protection" would also be referred to as "generous protection", or "plenty of protection", or "lots of protection". I am fairly sure you wanted a word which meant "very little", or "no" protection. Perhaps "minimal" would be a good choice

This is a problem you seem to have fairly frequently, where you go for the fancier words, but use them incorrectly. Similarly, you will sometimes go for grand imagery, when the story realy doesn't call for it.

Fancy words will not improve a story. Misusing them will do the opposite of improving the story. Be careful.

Purple smart teleports to main room cause she's a lazy nerd and wants to read.
It seems that these organics possess some kind of spacial displacement ability.

I'm pretty sure Geth don't need omni-tools to run computer programs. I'm also pretty sure Legion could access the data within it's omni-tool without lighting up the touch interface.

It must be a Reaper disease.... They are Harvesting the ponies to make a pony Reaper just like the ending of number two with the humans! This story makes waiting for number four that more difficult

This story is really well done! Can't wait too see where it goes :pinkiehappy:

5279764 That right there is why I shouldn't write at 1AM :twilightsheepish:

Thank you for pointing out those errors. I'll go in now and fix them.

5282837 You're welcome.

The story has some serious potential. If I seem harsh, it is because I don't want to see that potential squandered.

Hey, finally got around to reading this, and I'm glad I did, I'll be watching, and in the mean time, I'll leave a favorite.

Alright, now we can get some interaction. I'm so excited for the next chapter.


How soon is soonish in the terms of soon? Basicly how long until my freaking fix?!?!

5302531 I try my absolute best to maintain a weekly schedule, so updates usually come on Saturdays. However, there is a whole lot of stuff I hope to cover in this next chapter, and if I'm unable to write every day this week, it could take me a couple more days than usual.

I am glad that this is getting people excited, so I'll try my best to get the next chapter out soon. :twilightsmile:

Ah cliffhangers my old foe, the one i can never defeat, so all i have to say is... "come on man give me my fix i need more of this story!"


Wait a minute... I thought that Geth do not infiltrate.

Cant wait for the next chapter

God damn it cliff hanger...
next chapter come out soon? Please?


it is legions paradox, he is a geth infiltrator yet geth do not infiltrate, it is a paradox to a machine so they do not acknowledge it

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