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Aspiring writer and huge sci-fi fan. Also Luna is best pony.


Before every great journey, there are the trailblazers and adventurers who open the doors to the future. Every significant expedition is built upon the achievements of those who came before, those who worked and sacrificed to make the future possible. For the ponies of Equestria, the forerunners of the future are the crew of the ESA Harmony, a ship lead by Princess Twilight Sparkle and built with one purpose: exploration. The crew have their orders: arrive at a nearby exoplanet, engage in scientific and research operations, then return home with the results. And with those results, more missions will be built, and the future of Equestria will be defined.

But even in our greatest moments, there are those who long for yesterday, and will do everything in their power to prevent change. The crew of the Harmony are not immune to the agents of regression, and when a saboteur strikes in deep space, the crew finds that their mission has changed. Instead of finding the future of ponykind, they find themselves fighting for their survival aboard a crippled vessel. With tensions rising and the mission effectively scrubbed, Twilight Sparkle embarks upon a new mission: identify the saboteur, and return the crew to Equestria, alive and well.

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Equestria: a land of magic, opportunity, and adventure. For Twilight Sparkle and her friends, adventure is in no short supply. And when a mysterious massive ship appears in the skies of Equestria, they find themselves on yet another adventure to discover its origins, and its reason for arriving in their small corner of the universe.

However, the ponies are not the only ones aware of the ship's presence. Triggered by the arrival of the craft, a long-forgotten being awakens, its last memories still fresh in its mind. And with the presence of the ship, it sees an opportunity for revenge.

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This story is a sequel to A Thousand Voices

"Together, we can build a future greater than any one of us could imagine. A future paid for by the sacrifices of those who fought and died alongside us. A future that many will never see..."

For seven months, Equis was left in peace, and for seven months Twilight Sparkle has waited for the return of Legion. Just as she is ready to give up hope, the galaxy decides it is not finished with Equis. Unfortunately, it does not send someone as patient as the geth...

For the alien civilizations of the galaxy, they fight for their lives against the greatest threat ever known. And when victory is finally achieved, the crew of the Normandy find that their mission is not over just yet.

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Following the destruction of the Collector Base, the crew of the Normandy-SR2 go their separate ways. One squadmate, an AI 'Geth' named Legion, is sent by the Geth Consensus to investigate the possibility of a Quarian attack. However, when Legion is discovered and forced to make an emergency jump through the Mass Relay, it finds itself in the most unlikely of places... Equestria.

At the same time, the ponies of Equestria are dealing with their own problems. A mysterious disease threatens to topple pony civilization, while tensions along the border are growing and could escalate into full blown war.

Join Legion in its journey in Equestria to both return to the Geth before the arrival of the Reapers, and to help the peaceful ponies who inhabit the world.

Notice: As of 9/12/2016, this fic has received comprehensive updates to grammar/spelling/sentence structure, with a few minor plot alterations. Enjoy!

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Spartan Adam-D014 was a lone wolf assigned to the UNSC Lightning. What was supposed to be a routine mission ended up with the frigate being ejected from slipspace unexpectedly, and with Adam landing on a strange planet inhabited by colorful, friendly equines. But something's not quite right... Adam's turning up in Equestria was more than mere coincidence, and Adam is determined to find out just what is going on.


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