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'Oh, it's you. it's been a looooooong time. you know, since you Murdered me' oh look, cake...

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ideas · 9:51pm Aug 3rd, 2018

i have had, ideas in the past few months but never got round to writing them down, talking about them or, anything really, so here's the basics.

a 1 shot based around an assassin trying and failing time and time again to assassinate celestia, every time thwarted completely by accident.

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well, to be honest, coming back to fimfiction, it was one of the 1st stories i read, that i got into when i returned. it's good and i would love to see where it rolls on to.

Thanks for the fav on In Twilights Shadow. May I inquire into why you liked it so?

no problem! it was cool! it's nice to know i wasn't the only one who contemplated a crossover

Thank you for the favorite on The Ghost of War

2437505 you're welcome, friend!

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