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It has been 800 years or so since a new layer of the dream realm formed, and in those 800 years a new visitor to Equis has been learning about the world from those inhabitants whom it can pull into it's realm.

Much to the surprise of Luna, this being is more than meets the eye and is certainly powerful, to an extent. Do they mean any harm, or do they have something more sinister planned? there is only one way to find out...

This story contains inspiration from bloodborne and in turn, H.P.Lovecraft with my own twists and changes to make it more my own.
spoilers for later chapters: this will be revealed as a human in equestria, though not via some kind of merchant or some such. death, gore, violence and swearing tags are for what will likely come in the future.

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A thousand three hundred and 37 years prior to the return of nightmare moon, there was a battle. Not a battle between armies, but between the forces of pirates and the early airships of ponies and griffins. In this battle, the griffins and ponies lost one of their largest battleships. But in it's defeat, brought upon a retaliation from the pony and griffin forces that fought the pirates out of their skies.

However, that was not the end of this airship... sit down and listen to the tale of the Ghastly skies.

cover image taken from http://alternatehistoryweeklyupdate.blogspot.com/2012/03/airship-update-10.html
hope yall enjoy a story i have been dying to write for a long time.

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the song of retribution finds its self and its crew in equestrian airspace after having its slip-space drive damaged by human vessels and managed to escape mostly intact. having lost almost all ways to contact its fleet, or any other ship, the ship master contacts the sentient creatures on the ground and asks to meet their leaders/leader. the 4 princesses of equestria meet the ship-master and make a deal. supplies for major defensive backup.
(will see where it goes from there.readers ideas shall help decide what happens at certain chapters.)

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Skyfire is declaired a triator by the enclave for refusing to kill a group of foals hidding in a ruin which he had been sent to clear with his squad. Only he had returned and thus lead to him being classed as a traitor. After escaping his death by his comrades he hides inside a cave that is half collapsed. Still in his hellfire armour, he stays there for a couple of days. However this caves secret shall shortly be revealed to him.

but where will this lead him?

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Cosplayer buys a replica staff to the one merasmus uses and gets sent to equestria as the ghostley wizard. He attempts to help but gets imprisoned within his own book for a thousand years. Starts in season 1 episode 2.

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