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Who will speak for the trees? · 6:14am Jun 4th, 2021

This morning i find myself intrigued to see if there are any lorax in equestria or crossover in general fics, yet, cannot find any. Which, to me, is rather surprising. As a story of the lorax with the flim flam brothers taking place as the onceler makes far too much sense to for no one else to have thought of it or written of it, right?

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a problem with the 2nd chapter · 5:38pm Mar 18th, 2021

I have, a problem. I am not sure how I feel about what I have done for chapter 2, I like certain aspects of it, but at the same time, I really dont like it and I am unsure if I should keep it or start again.
below is the section i am bothered by, feel free to give your opinion on if it is worth keeping or not. may not even be how the story goes yet.

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a query for my readers dear. · 4:37pm Mar 12th, 2021

Hello there, Dearest reader!
I am here to ask you all a simple question, should you choose to answer for a small dilemma has arrived to cause chaos amongst my plans for my story, Nightmare Host.

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ideas · 9:51pm Aug 3rd, 2018

i have had, ideas in the past few months but never got round to writing them down, talking about them or, anything really, so here's the basics.

a 1 shot based around an assassin trying and failing time and time again to assassinate celestia, every time thwarted completely by accident.

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I LIVE! kinda · 6:48pm Dec 4th, 2017

i, have a question for any of you still paying attention to this story. Christmas special, or the movie? or both over a longer period?

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writers block and why · 11:08am Jul 11th, 2016

i really want to write another chapter for A Wizard In Equestria, but every time i start i can't get anywhere with it. instead i start thinking about 2 other stories i could write!
1 being a harlock space pirate crossover, the other being a 9 crossover!

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