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Thunder Mist

nothing to really know about me folks just a reader who likes to share my writing :) I hope you enjoy

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you started watching me!? YAY!

2129401 well yes I suppose they could've been a bit more polite about it, but it's alright I've gotten negative stuff before and I DID ask for their opinions about it so it was bound to happen at least once :twilightsmile:

2129397 it's alright they were just trying to help :twilightsmile:

1949040 oh and sorry for not answering the bottom part, I had thought I did already oops XD, but as for your question I'm thinking of making it pony world with some of the show towns in it, if that makes sense

1949040 you can make the charrie anyway you'd like, you could even be a gym leader if you'd like but that would be a smaller roll if you prefer that

Sooo you only need some ideas for characters?, or just want to add our alternate self?

I guess i am interessted, but i have to think about it, i probably choose a different personality, and stuff like that, or should we just creat a different character, i mean do you want to use our names, mine would probably work,.....i guess i just want to know if you ask for our true selfs, or for both, or just how we would like to be in the story.

Not sure about my favourite type anymore, but i guess i still like fire a lot, and since the Pokemon in a story doesn´t have to be as bad as in the game, i could probably still use a Sandslash.

However i guess i think of something, and if i have something i write you again, it makes it probably very interessting, if we have ourself in there, since i can´t really write my own stuff, i think i am not good enough with my english yet.

The only question i have right now is, would we be still Humans, or would we transform intp Pokemon?, i think it is the first choice, but i want to be sure. I guess you don´t want to spoil to much, but am interessted in what part would be a the Crossover part, Ponys in the human world, or something like that.

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