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Robot Sparky

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this is here because I like it.

What is life? Is it nothing more than an endless search for a cutie mark? And what is a cutie mark but a constant reminder that we're all only one bugbear attack away from oblivion. And what of the poor gator? Flank forever blank. Destined to an existential swim down the river of life to an unknowable destiny? - Gummy

groups that i made in honor of somthing


Storry edit progess thingy · 7:27pm Jun 22nd, 2018

1. it is not going well.
2. last day of school, so more time to work on it.
3. it will have to be delayed by a lot, my writing (in terms of people talking to each other) has not improved much.
4. I'm sorry, i failed my original deadline for my self.

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Personality Board <Under Updates>

<Please note that this is a work in progress, as such it is not yet finished. it is not yet finished, editing and polishing will come after or during each update of the personality board. that being said any editing advice that you have would be appreciated. contributors will be credited at the bottom of the page. contribution in includes advice and editing.>

Hi I'm Sparky the Defender of us, and I'm the Cheerful one
- Sparky is an easily excitable character and she always tries to find the upside in even the worst situations. However if she loses her optimism she becomes startlingly depressed, depressingly realistic, sarcastic, and easily brings down others to such a state. Sparky is always viewed as the emotional center of the group, because if she falls the rest of them follow.

Hi, I'm Lighting the Fighter/Soldier of us, and I'm the Grim/Dark one
- Lighting is a soldier, their is no other way to put it. She will follow orders given to her by anyone of higher ranking and as long as she is employed by them. She is often, despite this not being true, viewed as the combat center of the group. In actuality she is the tactical center.

Hi, I'm Electron the Healer/Combat Medic of us, and I'm the Caring one
- Electron is ,as her brief personality description says, caring, she is also very kind. Most often she is viewed as the moral support for sparky(a job she does very well), but she also compiles and provides any information that comes in, whether it's about a person or if it's just how much morning dew is on the grass she'll compile, sort, and store it.

Hi, I'm Electric the Hacker of us, am i'm th-- the sarcastic one!
- As said Electric is the sarcastic one, however she is... not very good at sarcasm, so she rarely makes sarcastic remarks. She is also the only one of them to spend almost all of her time in the security firewalls. preferring to spend her time upgrading and calibrating them, than socializing with her sister's.

Hi, I'm Sparkler the Diplomat of us, and I'm the cautious one
- Sparkler<Name under revisions> is not what many would call laid back, this is mostly caused by her constantly running simulation after simulation of every possible diplomacy encounter, from a random meeting in the middle of the street or dealing with nobles, her simulations don't give her much time to rest, and calm down to a more relaxed tone.

Hi, I'm Sparkle the Spy, and I'm the Spy
- Sparkle<Name under revisions> is a spy, and a very good one at that. However her nature as a spy has left her very, very paranoid. So far only Sparky has managed to get her to leave her paranoia behind... For certain people.

Hi, I'm Spark the Technician/Engineer of us, and I'm the enthusiastic one
- Spark<Name under revisions> is to many people's surprise the combat center of the group(though even if she goes offline one of the others can take up the mantle). She is also the Engineering center, which means she handles any Hardware, Software, Body, and Body part upgrades there may be.

Hi, I'm Electronic the Builder of us, and I'm the Careful one
- Electronic<Name under revisions> contrary to first appearances, doesn't do much, largely due to their body being designed for battle. She spends most of her time with Sparky, and when battle situations appear she helps Sparky build a better shield quicker.

Hi, I'm Binary the Hunter/Tracker of us, and I'm the Silent one
- Binary is the most silent of the group with all but Sparky forgetting she there, which is how she prefers it. Binary rarely, if ever, speaks up and when she does the other listen. To add to this she also controls the emotion, power, weapon, armor, repair, and core operational centers. despite her being in control of the emotion center she is largely emotionless, and even if she goes offline the others will be able to pick up the the rest of the system operational centers with difficulty. Also Sparky largely handles the emotional center, stating that she will at least try to help lighten the load on Binary, however she can only handle two of the centers... with difficultly.

Normal colored text is me, hello! and gold is Celestia
- I am a person of little interest, mostly spending my time playing on one of the two dark souls games i have or reading fanfiction. I am an aspiring artist(a bad one), and I like certain colors at different times(wishes to have heterochromia iridis, two different colored eyes). Little else can be said about me.

- Celestia is Celestia.

AAAAAAHHHH! I almost forgot! Orange is Sunbro Solaire.
Ah, hello! You don't look Hollow, far from it!
I am Solaire of Astora, an adherent of the Lord of Sunlight.
- Praise the Sun!


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Hmm since it seems no one else has, I’m going to do the crazy thing, and give lightning a copy of Doom. We’ll just see how violent they are after that.

It's not hard to use the codes, though. I assume you already know the code to type? Otherwise, you just use the color wheel and see how it works. Everything after the '=#' is where you put the code. You can try this website for color codes.


I try and fail, for to git gud means that I must fall for the same trap that many have fallen for, but in the that's all we can do isn't it. Fall for the same trap over and over again, no matter who we are, who we've been, no matter how many times we tell our self's that I will never fall into the same trap. We always do. ---Unknown

Sounds like you're just a dirty casul. Git gud.

because trying to figure out how to make hex color codes work on this site is to much work

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under updates

H-H-Hi-Hi I'm-I'm Jehu-Jehuty-ty

Here's a Bio on him:
Name: Upsilon
Identifies as: Jehuty
Type: Alpha 9 Combat class, "Smart" A.I., Equivalent to Forerunner Combat Type 2 Ancilla
Active Service Time: 43 Years
Bio: Generally the Alpha 9 Combat class A.I.'s have a short life span, the smart versions even more so. Yet unit Upsilon has against all odds managed to stay active for more than 40 years and is the longest living smart A.I. in existence, however he is in a locked stage 5 Rampancy.
His situation has not completely deteriorated, for he has as he says united the fragments of himself somewhat, but they all agree unless it is necessary they will not unite completely for Metastability. He is also the longest living A.I. with rampancy having entered rampancy in his eighth year of living.
I don't have a picture of him but if you look Jehuty and Anubis from Zone of the Enders take Jehuty's body, Anubis's wing-like things and add one more, you more or less have his Avatar. Also he is a UNSC A.I., No he's not cannon.
and here is the general bio on all Alpha 9 Combat class. [Smart]<--- in brackets is the smart version Ex. Processing power: 2 bytes [24 bytes]

Life Span: 7 years [5 years]
Rampancy Date: 8 1/2 years into service [6-7 years]
Final Death Date: 2 months 3 weeks after rampancy start [4 days]
Memory Space: 110 petabytes [255 petabytes]
Processing Power/Amount: 50 petabytes [120 petabytes]
Processing Speed: 49 petabytes per second [115 petabytes]
Interface-able Systems: UNSC, Covenant, Forerunner
Combat Performance: 200% more than standard [600%]
Cyber-Warfare Performance: Equivalent to smart A.I. unit 'Cortana' [2000% increase to A.I. unit Cortana]
and that's that.

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