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Robot Sparky

When all is said and done only the ashes of the fallen will remain.

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No, thank you for making an enjoyable story!

Ty for the fave:twilightsmile:

Of course! It was the one on Changing Expectations, where you compared that gif to getting rick rolled by Xenomorphs.


No problem, actually got a chuckle out of me. By any chance, do you remember what comment you're referring to, would like to know which one you liked.

Ah sorry, didn't mean to surprise you like that. I just really enjoyed a comment of yours.


Thanks for the watch but i have to say, i was quite unnerved when it said that you were watching me. Had to take a quick peek around the room.

Hmm since it seems no one else has, I’m going to do the crazy thing, and give lightning a copy of Doom. We’ll just see how violent they are after that.

  • Viewing 151 - 160 of 160
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