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Well hello there!

Heya! How's it going? It seems like you stumbled upon my page, perhaps by accident or not.

Well let me intoduce myself!

My name on this website is Jog (as you probably already figured out) and i only recently joined this site but i'm already loving it!
I think i should continue by telling you my Favorite stories on this site.

1. Prey and a Lamb
2. M0re Than Gam3rs
3. Changeling Space Program
4. A Princess and Her Queen
5. Necromany for Foals

Now i also want to tell you my favorite characters!

1. Derpy (#1 Pone)
2. Luna (Best Princess)
3. Chrysalis (Bug, Bug, Gimme dat hug)

Derpy x Luna OTP

My most Favorite Stories

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Comment posted by Jog deleted May 11th

Eeyup, just spreading good vibes. ๐Ÿ˜‡


That certainly is a commendable mood.

I'm just in a "make other people's day" mood :twilightblush:

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