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I like creating crossovers and duel works with people. My best work comes from having someone else to help write the scenes and some of the plot. PM me if you want to ever work with me.

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Real Life Struggles. · 5:12pm Jan 19th, 2018

Hey Everyone, I know a lot of you have enjoyed the first few chapters of A Tale Across Two Worlds and other stories I have written. I am sad to say that progress on A Tale Across Two Worlds has slown down a lot due to a job that I got shortly after posting it. This job is keeping me busy for majority of the week and I spend the rest of my time catching up on sleep. I hope to be able to devote a bit more time to writing and can get this story past this build up stage it's in so I can write the

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Now I have the advantage with an arbitrary seven digit number representing a victorious statistic that is easily factored with a 10!

Curiosity tells me to travel down this rabbit hole.

Jumps in

Eeeeyup! :eeyup:

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Oh, god, if you reply to this one, do I just give you another one, or come up with something else!? Either option leads to an endless loop!

I must admit I'm slightly confused?

Is this due to my reading of Double Trixie Trouble?

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