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Precision Gears is a unicorn that is becoming bored with his classes at Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns and the old ways of magic. He wants something new to study or to even look at the universe around him.

Taissy Lascher a human turned cyborg after a plane crash in her advanced technological society. She's coming to terms with her new body and trying to escape lines of code that were hard wired into her brain.

These two are from different worlds searching for a new beginning that could be closer than they would think.

This story will switch between a Sci-FI Human world and a Sci-Fi Equestria. Please leave comments on your thoughts and any editing mistakes you find.

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Sunset is Headmistress!?

I like this story because of Headmistress Sunset Shimmer.

Thank you. More of her and why she's Headmistress will be explained in future chapters.

neat concept!

Typo in the 2d paragraph in the throneroom section: should be whether instead of weather.

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