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Booksalot is the Canterlot Royal Librarian. He is also the Librarian of Equestria and gather's magical artifacts to keep stored in the mountain under Canterlot. So, when ever something strange occurs that doesn't require the Elements of Harmony (directly) Celestia calls upon him to investigate.

This is a crossover of MLP FIM and "The Librarians" from TNT
It will also be a crossover with EVERYTHING I CAN THINK OF

Proof reading help from Toxic Smoke
Also Thanks for letting me use your character/characters: (PM me if you want your oc to make an apearance)
Toxic Smoke
Writing Little Pony

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6848050 :flutterrage: I'VE BEEN WONDERING THE SAME THING LOLZ:rainbowlaugh:

:twilightsmile: So anything helpful to say about it?

6848416 I haven't read it

i actually just came to advertise my story... :p

6848475 :pinkiecrazy: It's Okay I just found your sleeping schedule :pinkiecrazy: Lolz

6848626 Lolz No reason to post it on the internet :scootangel:

I'm creepy not cruel *open up portal through dimensions* and I have alternate realities peace *jump through*

I like it but in some of the chapters i feel like it's a bit rushed. Other than that i really like it!

6858200 *shrug* sorry about the rushed thing I am only doing that because of habits from Role Playing and I made a promise of Chapter 2 being the longest one :pinkiehappy:

Make sure to put in Splatoon and ACE COMBAT 4, 5, and Zero.

6879419 I have only played Ace Combat Assault Horizon Legacy +

6879431 I've played ace combat assault horizon legacy plus (AKA Ace Combat 2 3D) as well, along with Splatoon. look up the games you haven't played on their respective wikis, YouTube let's plays, and on Tv Tropes. Google is your friend. Have you played Splatoon at least? And throw Scarface squadron, Olson; their AWACS and all of the ace squadrons into the fray.

6882696 Never got the chance and my brother won't let me just play his wii u whenever he's not around

6882701 look up swimmingbird's playthrough of the Splatoon single player campaign and information about the characters and other things on Tv Tropes. Also, DJ Octavio is NOT a complete monster, he's an idiotic maniac who genuinely cares for the Octarians. And doesn't absolutely hate the inklings very existence as at least an unconquered and unenslaved nation.

6882719 Hey thanks for the suggestion and the way to figure more out about the things I don't know of. But I just figured out a few other things that I want to do so I'm going to get them done first before even attempting one of the ones you suggested.

6888953 ok:pinkiehappy: just try to get the ones I suggested in there:twilightsheepish:

Pretty good. A few punctuation errors, bur good.

So that's how Booksalot became a part of Dimtech!

6925977 the short version because I'm bad at making dialog between my own OC's

6910241 Just punctuation, but other then that, nothing.

I love this crossover! I approve, tenfold!

~ Neon Lights

7153879 Lolz thanks man and What's funny is that I made this OC Before of hearing about the Librarians

The Librarians huh? I've heard of it and I really really want to see it but I can never find a way to watch it.

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