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When Writers clash, and OC's are the pieces and weapons of war. Welcome to the Fighter's Tournament.

Twill Weave is a Pony Satyr from Everglow (Not cannon in those stories just simply my OC for that World)

Dead Eye the well respected Earth Pony Assassin (Berserk's OC)

This belongs in the Fighter's Tournament Group

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So this is a OC fight story? Interesting...

This is awesome! I can't wait for the next chapter!

Wait a minute... the group is being revived and I didn't even notice!? I was being very attentive and I didn't even notice it.... Damn it.

8107852 yup you dune gone missed it don't worry a second Tournament will start once this one finishes up.

Yeah, I'm looking over the threads as we speak type. I have no idea how I missed so much shit.

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