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If there's one thing we can count on, it's Twilight Sparkle, prized student and newest princess, to botch up a spell in her quest to master all of magic.

This time, it propels her to a new world, this one not inhabited by bipeds, but ponies like herself, and yet not like herself. She has entered the realm of Everglow, where the queen is a queen, and ponies suffer horribly lethal combat much more often than Equestria could manage under the peaceful reign of its alicorn caretakers.

Will she find her way back home, to her friends and responsibilities? Will she survive the harsh new realm she has entered?

Based on Ponyfinder. Want to support the author? Check out his Patreon.

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Ah ha! So glad someone went and made a crossover with Ponyfinder- we need more Pathfinder/D&D stuff on the site and Everglow presents an opportunity even I hadn't considered. In hindsight it was a pretty big detail to overlook. Looking forward to more- oh, and a dwarf. It simply isn't a proper party without a dwarf, maybe with a cloven sidekick/partner?

5440638 Glad you like what you are reading so far. We'll assuredly get some supporting characters, after we give Twi a starter lesson.

...well this is embarressing; It didn't occur to me you were that David Silver. It is an honor to have had you respond to me. The story is still coming along wonderfully. Great work on everything, the fanfiction and the RPG.

5444459 A pleasure to meet you. This fanfic has been bouncing around in my skull for a while, yearning to be written. It is also nice to highlight the differences in the universes, as well as where they are similar. Twilight is a prime vessel for that.

A chance to do an Equestria Girls without all the failings therein is also satisfying. Stranger in a strange land can be a tricky theme to play right.

Could you make Twi an alrounder, because alicorn? In my opinion she should be able to use all kinds of magic there are, because it's her special talent. Still kinda sucks she can't fly. Is it something to do with alicorns not existing where she ended up or something else?

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5446431 Magic works just a bit differently in Everglow. Those with the right blood can become 'hybrids', taking on facets of other tribes beyond their native one. That is what Twilight is, a unicorn with some pegasi mixed in. She has to learn how to access that pegasi magic in her, cause just flapping isn't enough. Being a naturally inquisitive sort, I imagine she will eagerly devour her lessons when they start in earnest and we'll get that little horn trinket off of her.
Spike demonstrated why it's needed, however. Power without understanding is dangerous.

Love the story total D@D Fan here.:heart:
I’ve actually been wondering more about Spike, major Spike fan. What class will Spike take. I know you’ve hinted toward monk or a warrior class but I was personally hoping he might learn some form of magic either arcane or divine or if you’d allow even psionic, is there any chance he will learn magic at all.

5447790 I happen to be a big fan of D&D myself. Figure you have to be to make a pony version of Pathfinder.

Spike's gone and become a very young sky dragon, which is already pretty potent all by itself. Unlike Twilight, he doesn't really have the background to go soaking up a lot of magical technique, and is more likely to learn how to use his natural ferocity to his advantage, so fighter, monk, or similar class would be a better fit for the martially capable number one assistant.

One thing I promise is that Spike will never be useless and forgotten. He's Twilight's best friend, especially in this world with most of the mane six not present.

After the first chapter, being a setup chapter, it doesn't feel like a lot was accomplished, and the first issues come with almost how blatant the pathfinders aspect come through. It doesn't feel natural when you start with "Hey! The rules here are really different and lets throw them in your face". It seems slightly forced.

Granted, you played the characters perfectly, and I loved that. Spike is alot of fun done right, which you have.

So up until this chapter, I felt as if the story was divided into two speedster things. This awesome story about Twilight in the Everglow and a forum post discussing the differences between the worlds. I don't know why, but this chapter, while having the forum posts, was smoother then the others, the divine and arcane conversation feeling natural and not forced. It's a shame this story is so short, because you could really do alot by easing in the forum posts as to what's been done and creating a super unique story.

For some reason I was thinking this story was finished. The more I read, the better the story gets. Compared to the rest, chapter 1 was a drag to read. But since my last review, it's been getting a lot less forum esque and is a super enjoyable read. I'm interested on all the characters, in how this world is treated, in how this world works. That awkward moment Luminace meets TWilight. How you characterize Iliana. How well Twilight learns magic, how Spike is going to grow and learn. How the tribes interact, and just seeing things like the Miracle of the Pheonix Wolces, the style of the Cloven. There's so much to explore, and I can't wait to get to it!

5448507 Wow. I woke up to a lot of comments from you, and I like it. Thanks for all the input. There was a lot of exposition, though I hope it was delivered in an in character way. No one should spew facts not relevant to the topic at hand, or above their pay grade as it were. I will do my best to show more and say less. but no promises that Twilight won't go babbling about it anyway.

5448334 Glad I got the characterization down. Perhaps I should have started in the battle and flash backed tor the portal. Setup is always tricky. I admit to disliking stories where the protagonist accepts not returning home just cause. If you can go forward, you can go back, logically. So I needed a reason for Twilight to not board the next metaphysical train off Everglow.

5448426 This chapter was the first with a friendly face willing to answer questions. Twilight has plenty of those. I'm trying not to info dump too hard, but it is tricky with both the protagonists and the reader needing more information.

5448070 I'd say Twilight would have to be a sorcerer to get the unity (?) bloodline and ever use her wings, but she's such a wizard...

5450983 I cut the difference, as you'll see in the next chapter. There are feats you can take to nab a sorcerer bloodline without being a sorcerer, which I merrily assume she has.

Still going strong, keep it coming. Adding to my dwarf encounter list, I kind of want Spike to meet a clan of kobolds that instantly start praising him. Maybe after a fight with goblins with horse-choppers.

5451703 First, Spike needs some lessons! Twilight's not the only one who needs to be a studious one. Let's get to writing that.

5451926 Now thats something I'm really looking forward to?
Can't wait to see what Spike learns, and I'm hoping for at last a sneak peek at his class.

5452038 Next chapter posted. My fingers cannot be stopped!

Very good story so far. :heart::heart::heart:
Maybe Spike should be informed about some of the magical abilities of his new race. Say can't Sky Dragons at any age fly, And can't they see thru any cloud or fog spell at his age. In fact don't Sky dragons gain the ability to change shape and cast spells at the young age category I know Spike is in the Very Young age category and won't likely get those abilities for a few years at least. But won't they inform him of this, and how will Spike react to all that new knowledge.:moustache:

5456403 It's like you're peeking at my notes for the next chapter or something!

This chapter they pointed out the fact that he has a whole natural weapon that he's missing out on. He also learned that it hurts to be stomped in certain places even more than being skewered on a lance, go figure. I don't want to dump everything on him at the same time, seeing as it takes time to acclimate to things and we're likely to do a little time hop to let it all 'settle in' as it were.

Comment posted by chronocrosser deleted Jan 3rd, 2015

5456459 O.K.!
Can't wait to read next chapter.
And your right these things take time. When training in anything it is important to start with the basics and work your way up. I guess I was being a little impatient, sorry.
Still can't wait to read his reaction to flying though.

5456701 You'll find out when you read the next chapter... available now!

Thanks for being a loyal reader. I get a smile each time I see a comment from you.:twilightsmile:

Great chapter:pinkiehappy::heart:
If this is his reaction to flying, I can't wait to read about his reaction to his future abilities.
At this rate I don't see Spike wanting to go home. I could just see him there as a Young Adult with Twilight, or as a Great Wyrm remembering the good old days, and either version is thinking to himself best decision I ever made.:moustache:

5457145 This chapter was a special challenge. Make Twilight overcome without making her look weak or foalish in the process. That's our Twilight!

Spike got the lottery winning for sure when it came to upgrades due to planar adjustment. That may become a plot point to deal with when we get to it. I enjoyed Under Score and Fast Shadow. They were both great teachers in their different ways.

5457175 Yeah and as far as Imperial dragons go the only other breed Spike could pull of is Sea Dragon it is the only other good dragon, And I can't see Spike loving swimming more then flying. An Underworld Dragon might have fire but the species itself is generally evil, as is the Forest Dragon. Sure the Sovereign dragon might safeguard harmony but does so at a neutral stance which I don't think Spike could do. Sure all races in D&D have there odd balls who try and not follow the alignment chart but good luck finding friends with a bad reputation following you around look at Dritzt to see how hard it is.

All I'm saying to sum up is I don't think Spike would have had much luck as any other Imperial dragon. You made the right choice, and as always great work, I love this fic.

5457287 While that is all true, Everglow dragons are not very limited to their color/type alignment. This does mean that a gold could go around wrecking everyone's day for no good reason while a red swoops in to defend the day, that happens. It's a strange place, I mean ponies are the dominant species, that's a hint that things have gone oddly.

I did think sky dragon was a good fit for Spike though, allowing him to keep most of his trademark appearance while being a dragon. It just seemed to 'fit' him. I'm glad you agree.:twilightsmile: It certainly couldn't be as bad as, you know, a dog. A small fluffy dog.

How did you feel about Twi's half of the chapter?

5458261 I agree I personally felt spike would should have been human in those films.:heart:

I personally enjoyed reading about Spikes training with Under Score and felt it was funny to read about Spike having a easier time then Twilight in learning or anything for a change. :moustache:

As for Twilight you could not have captured her better. It was really funny to read about her beat down. She might not like it but it will be necessary for her survival. I felt she had a lot more growing to do under Fast Shadow and I am looking forward to seeing how her training with Fast continues. but one thing is for sure she does not fail tests.:twilightangry2:

I can't help but feel that was just part one of this switch up, And that Fast Shadow will continue to train Twilight and Under Score will continue to train Spike for at least one more chapter. can't wait to read. :twilightsmile:

5458495 While true, you know me so well, it's about time for them to taste some real action before getting back to training. Besides, I don't want to bore the average reader with so many chapters of training montage in a row, so it's off to adventure! Glad I got Twilight right though.

As for Spike, he is suffering too, he's just enjoying the physical training more, at least when he's not being groin shot. The opposite is true, with Twilight having a big ole blast when it comes to studying Everglow magic.

5458502 I ment Spike was having an easer time then Twilight in this chapter not the whole training sequence.

Channel positive energy?

Heh, I don't think channeling tingles, especially if you aren't hurt at the time. And it wouldn't match up with the reaction.

5460478 Why wouldn't it tingle? The tingle means it's working!

It seemed like a reasonable response. The people who were only at the sermon to be healed got healed and left.

My best guess would be Detect Magic

Twilight knows prestidigitation? With everything that spell can do, I'm amazed she hasn't conquered the world by now...

In any case, I'm quite enjoying this, and I'm looking forward to more. Still, I have to wonder about Equestria. Twilight's been gone for a month now. Have they been looking for her? If so, how? I'm imagining panicked reports of a keketar that turns out to be Discord.

5460775 Silly stallion, that is a cone and usually invisible.

5460945 How could she not learn that one?:twilightsmile:

Poor Equestria indeed. Too bad for them, Twilight is mine! For now...

Thanks for reading!

Who in their right mind sends anyone out solo? There's just too many ways to get taken out by a lucky shot. Or an unlucky save. :twilightoops:

5463469 The Seekers are not a lawful good organization. If enough gold is shoved their way, they make the move with what they have. This happens to include a dragon that can soar at stupid speeds, belch lightning cones, and is fairly good at following orders. What could go possibly wrong with a bunch of orcs! Pfft, orcs...

Silly question perhaps, but what did you think of episode 11(Serious Magic). It received no comment love and I'm dying to get opinions.

5463843 Well, if you're forcing me to criticize it... Twilight's always seemed very ruthless against enemies that she classifies as monsters, with or without justification. Eg, Pinkie Clones.

5465756 Which they did, but they had a dead corpse there. That never happened before. The clones were sent away.

5465756 PS: You seem to respond in the wrong chapter? I'm not sure how that happens.

Comment posted by chronocrosser deleted Jan 5th, 2015

5463843 I felt Chapter 11 was a very straightforward good first mission, perfect for an amateur adventurer my only complaint was I felt you wrapped it up to quickly. I at least was hoping that they would at least tell the goat the job was done so he would not have to worry anymore. Good adventure over just a little too soon. :applejackconfused:

As for Chapter 12 after all Twilight had been through she deserved a break a little sad that Spike missed the festival. Did Twilight at least get him a souvenir? And Call me crazy but I have a feeling we will be seeing that Donkey again, strangely loveable for a npc. :pinkiehappy:

And Chapter 13 Good to see that Spike can take care of himself. Felt Spike was badass protecting the innocent and freeing slaves and let me guess Twilight will have a solo mission someday too right. Good first solo mission and a strangely satisfying way to tie up loose ends with the slavers. But what about the book didn’t they still have it, and how will Twilight react to the fact it is most likely burned to ash. :twilightangry2:

I had an interesting thought with this new adventure that Spike went on he has a payment coming from the seekers that he does not have to share with Twilight. Add that he still has the money from his last mission since he missed the festival; he can either add to a temporary hoard, or new hoard. I'm assuming Spike will eventually start hoarding again, once he learns it will have no effect on his biology. And after all whats a dragon without a hoard. Or buy his first magical equipment. Personally I would do both. :moustache:

5466774 You, sir, do not do things half way!

I wake up to this monster of a comment and squee internally. Chapter 11 was kind of an easy fight, with the poor CR 4 owlbear being outclassed by Spike alone, let alone the tag team of Spike and Twilight. They were sent on the task as a first because they were fairly sure the two could handle it, but the hows they went about it would be revealing enough, which they casually asked about when they got back as if it were no big deal(which is why they didn't mention it. The viewpoint is a little slanted towards the opinions of the 'star' of the moment). I did feel it worth touching on the fact that it was their first outright kill, instead of banishing, stoning, or other ways of sending bad guys away. Longer fights soon, promise!

For chapter 12, It was a blast doing a break from the fighting and training to just a pony having a good time. We'll find out if she got him anything when they reunite.

Chapter 13, Spike almost got in too deep, but he stuck to his guns(you know, his muscular arms!), and came out barely on top. They never bothered with the book, since Twilight was about passing out when she teleported the last time and she didn't even bring the book with her. It's being rained all over. Twilight is a clever girl, she doesn't need that book, but she will weep anyway.

Phew, thanks again for the feedback!

Comment posted by chronocrosser deleted Jan 5th, 2015

5467207 Your welcome, Always a pleasure commenting on your work.

Also I hate to pester you but, Any chance you will do a shopping for magical equipment chapter soon.

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