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Am I predicting the future or something? · 5:19am April 19th

Seriously. How many things have I wrote long before that ended up being in later episodes?

A character named Sonata who happens to have a similar mane and coat color scheme as me all the way back in the second EQG movie, followed by...

Changelings Glowing Wings

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Report Iridescence T Wind · 140 views ·

Got a Question for me or a Charecter in Fallout Equestria: A Changeling Perspective?

Hey since there is a lot of free time between the stuff I do, I've dedicated a blog to any questions you've have about Aria and her crew, awnsered by them though a 4th wall breaking laptop. Go visit the blog here! Link!

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If you dont mind me asking, when will the next chapter of Puppets of Tragedy be arriving?

Comment posted by Mocha Star deleted February 25th

PRAISE THE SUN. It has been a fun ride and hope it continues to be so!

Hey, thanks for adding my story to your favorites! I hope you enjoy the ride :twilightsmile:
Praise on, Sunbro \ [T]'/

Well that's a problem easily fixed! Done! I'm following you now :pinkiecrazy:

Ps:Senpai noticed me!!!!

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