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A sort of Curiosity. · 5:58am Apr 23rd, 2021

I've been a fair bit... blocked up when it comes to writing several of my fics. While I intend on continuing Puppets of Tragedy for quite a while yet, I find my other main fic, Fallout Equestria: A Changeling Perspective has gone into a death spiral for writing, since I can't ever seem to be quite happy with writing the snow hounds as a culture, to the point I need a break from viking mythology, and studying ancient danelaw customs. To this end, I sort of wanted to throw some other ideas I've

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Got a Question for me or a Charecter in Fallout Equestria: A Changeling Perspective?

Hey since there is a lot of free time between the stuff I do, I've dedicated a blog to any questions you've have about Aria and her crew, awnsered by them though a 4th wall breaking laptop. Go visit the blog here! Link!

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Hey, are you goingbto update "Puppets of Tragedy" anytime soon again?

Comment posted by 3DTV deleted Aug 15th, 2020

When Mr freeze comes back are you going to the he’s just a head now like in the show cold comfort

Is it possible to suggest a tragic villain for Puppets of Tragedy?

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