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Stories Forgotten · 2:07am Feb 10th, 2013

Well, this is more like a little letter to the world if they know about the author Azurini. He dropped his story, and has effectively removed himself from the fandom because of all of these problems that have arose from him writing his popular story. It really does pain me to see him take down his stories, and even after taking them down, he has given up completely upon caring for it. Whether folks continue it or not, he's let the boat go adrift and follow whatever cruel currents it becomes

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Thanks tons mate! Sorry for not being able to be in touch with you and all. Family stuff is going nuts at the moment... Hope I can speak with you soon!

Just gunna leave this here. Maybe some inspiration? This is what I'm writing chapter 5 to. So damn good. Metal might be a tad too heavy for you, but the not-metal parts might suit your tastes.


What is good comrade? I've failed in my promise of another chapter tonight...:facehoof: I shall try to get my chapter up by Friday, but I can't bring promises... School is returning, and so is the lack of free time I'm constantly plagued by. I will definitely need somebody other than my editor to look it over, would you like to be a pre-reader?

good this is good. yes?

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