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Back home from "The Sandbox", one soldier tries to rebuild and restart his life. Though broken and depressed from battle, he is unsure about his place in life. Still living inside the bottle, he discovers MLP:FiM, which gives him hope and motivation to carry on. But his trip to the Central Library one day is what seals the fate of this soldier's future.

A small salute to those who have put themselves on the line and those who are going to.

I love the feedback and i'll try to respond to everything

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that's teh reason I watch mlp, it a douse of happy in a terrible reality called rl

That was one nice story you got there :pinkiesad2: Got me sad, but happy at the same time

Brohug, anybrony? :twilightsmile:

great read, just break up the walls of text, makes it easier on the eyes rather than looking at a giant single form of words.

So good i had to try hard not to get emotional during this.

So he's an NG?

Awesome story, It was moving and different from most stories out there. Amazing job.

and secondly,
you are AWESOME :pinkiehappy:
tracking and thumbs up!

so you're HERE too? Well gee, there's just no getting away. Nice story, yeah, i liked it. good job.

You are truly good at this

Just like so


That was just touching, THE best story I've read on fimfiction, I hope you write more like this.

a story with an emotional background good work sir :3 :fluttercry: made we tear up in the letters bit :)

i will shed manly tears for your talent.... i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


270986 Brohug returned :pinkiesad2:

I must say.......................THIS IS THE BEST STORY EVER:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

-Swavey Timn

Absolutely beautiful:raritywink:

Brohoof. Very moving and emotional. I loved it! I definitely look forward to more work from you!:pinkiehappy:

that was so amazing........:fluttercry: i loved it... new chapters soon?

I cannot up vote enough. 5 stars, upvote, like, 10/10 or whatever, it isn't enough. That was beautiful.:fluttershysad: I swore i wouldn't cry! :raritycry: Manly tears have been shed. Oh hell, they weren't manly, they were thick, and emotional, and I don't care!

the development of the story is very good! quite the read

my god.... how do you not have more views or comments. i thought this was a great story and it deserves more attention.

im getting a bad vibe man :moustache:

This is...okay. I wouldn't call it "The Greatest Story Ever" as I've seen people say, but it was good none the less.

270940 Um.. put together at once, it was 22 pages long. I thought it would be an easier read if it was broken down, that's all. Thank you for the feedback ^^

Discription got me hooked. Will read and give you my impression. So far its promising.

Just followed your ponythread link. I agree with clonetrooperkev, combine the chapters into at least the 2,000 range.

Absolutely amazing I wish this story didn't end I would love to hear what happened next like marriage or something like that


that i can do ^^ eventually

This chapter is really where the short-chapter format is at its best. The dichotomy is brilliant.

I'm not a soldier, and I'm not sure if you're one, but I've had many close friends, my brother, and my father all go into combat. Life after Desert Storm was rough for my father and my family, and that connects me to this very true portrayal of a warrior. Really, really good.

When I first started reading this I had my doubts, I have seen a lot of soldier stories that were terrible and often completely disrespectful to the troops. I However as I read your story I found myself immersed in your story, hoping things would work out just fine. You did a good job at accurately portraying the warrior accurately. Did you serve or do you have a relative or friend that served? There were a few grammatical errors here and there but it didn't ruin the story. Overall I think this is in my top three favorite stories I have read. I would recommend this to a lot of my friends. I am hoping that you will continue writing, be a shame to see some good talent go to waste.

Simply, Fu**ing Genious!!!!

i've found stories like this are often th' most well-written and touching things i have ever read. this is no exception. three thumbs up my good man.

Fantastic story, just wonderful.

Bro. Just. Bro. :moustache: I am loving this.

That is beautiful man.

Wow... This story was simply stunning. The emotion put into this... Words do not describe... wait, this is a story.. made of words...

Anyway, The grammar issues would have made this story not worth the read, but then you just kept my attention with even more amazing writing.
This story was amazing, and humbling.

That was one of the best fanfics I've ever read, and not in equestria too thats cool.:twilightsmile:

Whoa, I could have sworn that clock said 8 PM just a moment ago...

Dear friend, I would hug you for making this. (I say would because it would look awkward hugging a computer) this is why I love this fandom, the endless creativity and support :yay:

I've seen war in Equestria and Soldiers making it into Equestria somehow. However, i have never seen a humanized pony in the real world with a soldier. Well done, other than the oddly done chapters, I have no complaints. Great job, had me captivated the whole time.

I'll be honest, at the start I wasn't sure about this Fic. You need to unjumble the first few chapters, it's all sort of blocky.
But when and after Twilight and Toby met up the structure became a lot better. You managed to put a lot of emotion in your story, which is something many writers have trouble doing.
You have a gift, use it wisely.

Slap in the face. Men, this is how you know your woman loves you.

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