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Two military brothers find themselves in Equestria after Twilight Sparkle and Princess Celestia try an experiment together. It ends up with the two finding themselves in the land that they have only been able to dream of being in. However, the world that they have stepped into is quite ascue from what they have come to know and love about the land. First off, the inhabitants of this land are not ponies, but humans. Second, the time they have come into is ten years before Nightmare Moon's return. Third, disharmony is a sad reality in this point of Equestrian history. The greed of the Canterlot elite and the new Griffin King's lust for power is slowly turning Equestria into a shadow of its former self. Mere chance had brought these two brothers here, and it will soon be apparent that it will be them that turn the tide, and restore the heavenly, peaceful land to it's former glory. To get to heaven though, these two brothers must go through hell. This will only be the beginning of their journey as they learn about their new strengths and abilities, while also taking a journey into themselves.

This is the first story in what will be named the Metal Series.

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Would it be wrong to ask why humanized ponies, and why anthropomorphic wasn't considered?

1429103 First off, I have no idea what anthropomorphic means. I have tried to look up the definition, but the search has been fruitless Please tell me what it means.

Second, I have chosen humanized because I am adding some future situations that will only be fitting with humanized characters. Later chapters will be in added soon. If there are any questions to the story, chapter 2 will clear most, if not all of them up.

Third, any sort of feedback helps. Anyone willing to lend a CONSTRUCTIVE hand in my writing will be appreciated. Please send more comments.


It would be easier to sho you what anthropomorphic ponies are. Copy, and past.
http://nooneimportant97.deviantart.com/favourites/?offset=1536#/d502gy2 mature content.

Chances are, any situations that "would only" work with humanized could also work with anthro ponies.

Don't worry. There usually is at least one reader that gives construtive feedback.

Good luck with all of your endeavors.

this is quite good keep up the good work
have a :moustache:

Your story's good so far here, have this.

1) How did you know I like Assassins Creed?
2) Are you a military brony?
3) What do you like about the story so much?

Just a heads up, Aquinas' rank changed. I did not use the correct rank name. I changed it to the proper title of Ensign. Still the same rank as a 2nd Luetenient but it puts it in Naval terms.

Q.1) How did you know I like Assassins Creed?
A.Well, your profile picture is Assassin's Creed and also I guessed...... :D
Q.2) Are you a military brony?
A. No, I'm more of a gamer, but my family is in the military and they teach me tons of stuff about the military.
Q.3) What do you like about the story so much?
A. Military parts, and how Ignatius and Aquinas act to each other, and your profile pic.

Also just for giggles! :pinkiehappy:

Kinda went dumb on the first question. (insert bad poker face here)
That's fucking funny!

:pinkiegasp: New Chapter?
This chapter pleases me...

Also, that ending.
I can't wait for more, but I can patiently wait. :twilightsmile:

1874015 Your last statement was self-contradictory. Also; IGNATIUS YOU IDIOT! WHO THE FUCK DID YOU PISS OFF THIS TIME?!

1889886 Sure, and I'm a Celestial Assassin... oh wait.... NEVERMIND!

"I didn't do anything that wasn't expected of me."

1891977 Alright then. Just one thing. If you live long enough to meet Luna, and I do mean if, you'd better not do anything dumber than you'll already have done by then...

Besides that, I love this so far. See you know what's awesome. 1000Fights is my brother! He writes very well for my taste.

Very nice. i love it :pinkiehappy: especially the badass fight part... so much blood :pinkiecrazy: but thats why the marine martial arts saying is "one mind any weapon" :rainbowdetermined2:

its been a long time sir

Comment posted by 1000Fights deleted Feb 12th, 2013
Comment posted by 1000Fights deleted Feb 12th, 2013

Says "Cool story, bro."
Means it.
Good Guy King John

I agree. We must certainly meet at better times.

Celestias a freaken beast :rainbowderp:

2216325 Oh, you better believe it.

Yeah but I still like Luna. She's adorable :rainbowkiss:

1001 readers! I love you guys!:twilightsmile::yay::rainbowkiss::pinkiehappy::ajsmug::heart:

Both Star Wars references made me laugh :rainbowlaugh:

2277861 You seize to amaze me, 1000. If only you and I could have this as our reality, our lives would be well lived. (I'm his brother in real life and in the story)

2278079 *never cease. I AM EIN GRAMMER NAZI!

Very very nice. Good cliffhanger to

Pretty good. Details here and there but still good.

Must keep reading...
Who cares about sleep...

I love you too creepy man! :D

Me: Oh Celestia* shows present* happy birthday!
Celestia: Oh thank you!
*opens box to find expensive perfume*
1 day later
* Celestia running away from a horde of horny koalas*
Celestia: why!!!??
Me: *snickers while holding a bottle of koala phermones*
Discord: I request the highest of fives

The chapter should be called Epilogue. Prologues come before the story starts officially. Epilogues are chapters given after the story is over.

3324094 3324099 Alright. Sorry if I sounded like a dick... or did I sound like an asshole?

Nah, man. You're good. :)

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