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My Twilight Facade through the eyes of the REAL Twilight Sparkle. Unable to take any action, unable to read, terrified, and trying to understand the situation she finds herself in.

This is more of a "Reading the Book" or "Reaction Video" than an actual story, given Twilight lacks any actual agency.

Posted with permission from axelsempai.

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lol, I like seeing how Twilight reacts to Twiliclone's antics, especially her nerdy asides. This'll be good.

I especially can't wait to see how she reacts to later events.

I love this concept
it's interesting
And something new

Also looking forward to future reactions. I mean, I have a vague idea how a number of them will probably go, but after Twilight concluded that Nightmare Moon was controlling her, without my planning that, I realized that I really don't know what will happen in the future.

Kinda yes and Kinda no. I don't think I've seen any story with this exact premise, and for good reason. Having a single character, with literally zero agency kinda ruins any possible Conflict you might otherwise use to drive a story. This leaves you with Humor, Awesome, or Interest as driving forces, and that is the same limitation that makes Gary Stu type stories fail so badly.

But, I read a lot that are similar. Animorphs was a large inspiration, both the mind control reaction, and the <internal monologue tags.>
Other stories.
My Voice in a Head is probably the most obvious one. Aside from having communication, the Protagonist/POV character is in pretty much the same situation as Twilight is here.
Dash of Humanity, another Two persons in 1 body, and the kind of loss of control.
Dark Horse — A Five Score Tale From The Dresden Files, if only in that Fluttershy is in almost the EXACT same position as Twilight is, no control, no communication (or maybe a little, as a subconscious) and still gets to explode into a massive rant at one point.

A Dramatic Reading and A Sensational Story. Both as the "Reading the Book", and reactions to it.
Meta, the absolute best Metafiction I've ever seen, taking "Reading the Book" up to 11, and actually making a plot and serious conflict out of it.

You could also point at literally any Reaction Video and it would be a similar concept.
That probably got away from me. I wrote this like a year ago, and honestly didn't think this was very good. I just sent it to Axelsempai because I was tired a few nights ago and thought "Why not, worse possibility is he hates it." But, positive reaction, permission to post, and here we are. And after the positive reaction, I have the second chapter planned out, so there's that.

Well, this is going right into the favorites. And really, only ONE chapter? With all the others posted this should practically write itself!

Well, admittedly, this is literally the first story I ever published, and maybe the third I ever wrote. It requires a surprising about of research, to determine what Twilight should know, compared to the human, and includes rewatching the show.

The only reason I am able to do it at all is that it practically writes itself. I need all the help I can get.

Just found this one after rereading a bit of Twilight Facade, and have to say I'm enjoying it, I like Twilight's reaction to what is happening but I admit I want to see Twilight's reaction to the I hate Magic Phase the SI goes through

I hope there's more

I would comment, have you collab with the creator of My Twilight Facade? Would admit this is very interesting.

Oh that's cool

I’ll admit. I kinda wanna see more. I hope you haven’t abandoned this fic. But given that it hasn’t been updated since last year when it was first published…

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